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Agreement on Migrants and Funding for NGOs: Germany’s Hypocrisy on the Landing

Agreement on Migrants and Funding for NGOs: Germany’s Hypocrisy on the Landing

An important day to be resolved in Europe Migrant node. The EU’s internal affairs council was still underway when the Italian interior minister decided to leave Brussels and return to Rome. Matteo Piandedosi He did not address the plenary session and made no sideline statements. In the schedule, as it is known, “the last Act of the Legislature so called”Migration Agreement and Asylum”, namely the reform of the European rules on immigration and refugees. It is a regulation that recognizes for the first time and affirms the duty of solidarity that Member States owe to countries of first arrival of migrants.

But the news that seven NGO shipsMost of it is flying German flagto travel to Italian ports, government sources said to Adnkronos. “So we have proposed another amendment that migrants should be automatically transported on non-government ships The flag welcomed the nation of the ship. That is, if Germany is sympathetic to the work of NGOs, it is fine as long as it welcomes the smuggled migrants.“, the same sources said. This has put the negotiations on hold. The European Parliament had decided in recent days to temporarily block debate on two other provisions of the migration deal in order to put pressure on Germany and other member states. Last night Germany’s ruling coalition parties suddenly appeared to agree to loosen the restrictions but Rome’s intervention today Ruined those plans.

However, Minister Biandosi was expected in Palermo later in the day to meet his counterparts from Libya and Tunisia. There are two fundamental mutual goals that must continue to work Prevent departures From North Africa. But while the interior ministry boss was busy with bilateral talks, Antonio Tajani was in Germany to meet his German counterpart. Annalena Baerbachin Berlin. news”Seven ships from German NGOs“, some flying the German flag, some heading towards Lampedusa”Confirms our concern and our analysis“. These were the words of the president of Fornesina at the press conference after the meeting with Berbach.”It seems very strange to me, worrywhats going on“, Tajani continues, wondering what is behind this strategy.A Election interest” or “Another type“. But for the foreign minister “it can’t be, it doesn’t work like this”. His reference was about a structure that should cooperate throughout Europe to achieve the common objective of protecting its borders, controlling irregular entries and taking control of the flow management. Forza Italia secretary then highlighted: “Would anyone want to prevent an agreement from happening?“. there is “I really wonder what is going on“.

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As for the clarifications requested by Georgia Meloni in a letter to , for the time being, no answers or responses to Tajani’s questions have come from Berlin. Olaf Scholes. However, despite Germany’s silence, interventionUN Also expected and invited by the Italian Prime Minister. “The situation in Lampedusa is very worrying. The UNHCR is present and appreciates the authorities’ efforts to decongest the island, but Italy cannot be left alone in responding to the needs of visitors.He told the Security Council meeting Reuven MenigdivelaHead of the NY Office of the UN Refugee Agency.