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He was saved from terrorism in front of the Goddess

He was saved from terrorism in front of the Goddess

LECCE – Circumstances that cause change. Instant. Moments that allowed Los ASL general manager Rodolfo Rollo to stay alive. This is because he lost consciousness in front of Devi’s emergency room at the “Vitto Fossil” hospital in Lex, about forty meters away. Driving, a friend. Next, the wife.

Rollo may have begun to feel pain in the afternoon while resting on a beach. He must have immediately understood that something was wrong, so he was a companion to Less. But in the meantime the situation must have worsened, as the car arrived in front of the hospital, the barrier was opened, and before he could get to the emergency department, he fainted.

The scene was noticed by several health workers nearby, and some were without shift, now in civilian clothes and in the parking lot. Of these, one was an emergency room nurse and the other 118 staff, another nurse, a driver and a rescuer. The heart was massaged and a defibrillator taken from the ambulance was used. At that point, Rollo regained consciousness and was immediately admitted to the hospital. At this time he has been admitted to the Hemodynamics Hospital for angioplasty required for the treatment of heart attack.

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