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A minor misunderstanding between Edoardo Donnamaria and Alberto De Pisis – Big Brother VIP

Despite the existing fine association, even between Edward And Albert What is missing is definitely not a misunderstanding.

Indeed, during the afternoon, annoyed by the attitude of his enterprising fellow, the speaker decided to have a discussion with him to express his displeasure. Eduardo admits that he was disappointed because, while he was busy washing dishes, he suddenly put a plate in the sink, considering it dirty: “You made a wrong gesture that I didn’t like at all.” he exclaimed, sure he had washed everything properly.

“How could you not trust me if I told you she was dirty?” VIP asks, justifying his gesture.

Firm on his idea, Edoardo believes that the VIP only acted this way because he was nervous about the jokes he was getting at that moment and is still upset, as he says: Anyway, this is something you don’t do, I don’t like it..

If, on the one hand, Alberto continues to explain to his companion that he has put the plate in the sink without any malice, the speaker finds it hard to believe and decides – resentfully – to abandon the conversation.

After such a simple understanding, will the two be able to explain each other?

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