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A massive video game wants to turn you into a developer and for free: every enthusiast's dream come true

A massive video game wants to turn you into a developer and for free: every enthusiast's dream come true

The creators of one of the most anticipated video games have released a development kit for those who dream of becoming developers: interested users will be able to show off their skills.

Any video game enthusiast has at some point in their “career” as a gamer thought they wanted to create their own video game. To capitalize on this dream, many games have been shared over the years that allow users to unleash their creativity.

The creators of one of the most anticipated games of 2024 will allow fans to become developers –

Between the 1990s and 2000s, RPG Maker was perhaps the most famous example, but in the modern era, games like Mario Maker and Dreams have taken this potential to greater levels. the first It allowed you to create Super Mario levelsWhile the second is to create any game in your mind.

This is obviously a simplified development, which interested parties can undertake Use ready-made assets to let your imagination run wildreview and understand whether developing a video game is something that really interests them as a professional implementer or is it a simple dream that can be exhausted with one creativity.

Whatever your goal, anyone who has always wanted to create a video game will soon be able to test themselves again thanks to the decision by Epic Games and Wildcards Studio to make Wildcards available to users for free. Ark: Survival Ascend's Development Kit.

Do you dream of becoming a video game developer? Now you can do it for free

For those who don't know, Ark: Survival Ascend's is a remake of Ark: Survival Evolved which will soon see the light on all newer generation consoles (PC, PS5 and Xbox Series). Waiting to see what the final outcome of this will be. Remade the game in Unreal Engine 5the developers decided to release a development kit with which enthusiasts can test themselves.

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Thanks to the Ark: Survival Ascend Dev Kit, you can create any game you can think of – screenshot

The development kit contains a map of the island that will serve as the background for the final game and A little platform game to try to pass the time. However, knowing the map and playing it are a plus, since the purpose of sharing is to give anyone who wants the opportunity to create their own game using assets created by the developers.

There are no restrictions, let Wildcards know, other than those imposed by one's vision of the perfect game and the imagination of every budding developer: “You can't simply create an Ark mode, you can create an entire game in Unreal Engine that's all 'in-house'.” Would you like to develop Mario in Crystal Island? “You can do it. Do you dream of creating a PvP game where Tech Tyrant Saurus fights against Stegosaurus? Get rid of it.”