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A car with an administrative reservation, by law you can now sell it: here’s how to get rid of this heavy “cargo”.

A car with an administrative reservation, by law you can now sell it: here’s how to get rid of this heavy “cargo”.

Owners of a vehicle administratively detained for various reasons can dispose of it in a completely legal and legal way. The latest laws updated in 2022 state this.

There are pitfalls for motorists and car owners. But above all Many related expenses Manage and use your vehicle.

Car in administrative custody –

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for a private car to crash into the so-called Administrative detention. That is, the complete cessation of trading for financial reasons. Administrative seizure of the vehicle due to tax exemption or a Unpaid credit by the vehicle owner.

As mentioned, when the car is stationary, it certainly cannot move on the road in any way. The jaws are often placed on the wheels to prevent them from moving. But the owner can certainly do something else: that is The car can be sold without any problem.

The 2022 laws help those who want to get rid of a car in administrative custody

In the meantime, we need to clarify what is meant by the word Administrative detention. This judgment on the vehicle is recorded in the PRA at the request of the lien holder to collect taxes which could be for example municipal or district based on the nature of the unpaid debt.

To regain full possession of the vehicle and move freely, the taxpayer must pay the required and due amount, as well as fines and interest due to the accumulated delay.

Selling cars
You can sell a car under administrative receivership –

Selling the car in administrative custody is granted under the laws of 2022. Also because one of the reasons for the insolvency of the debtor may be the lack of money that he can recover exactly by selling the car. But However, the vehicle cannot be used in any way as long as the Revenue Agency Deed remains valid against taxpayers who have not paid the tax invoice notified to them within 60 days.

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Obviously, by law Mandatory to inform the buyer of administrative detention inside the car. While it is not possible, again according to legal updates, not to demolish or loan the car firmly. In fact, it is practically impossible to circulate it if it is subject to an administrative ban. Anyone who violates these provisions will be forced to pay one A large administrative fine from 1,988 to 7,953 euros.