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Expensive bills?  Here are four ways to save money

Expensive bills? Here are four ways to save money

Against expensive bills, Terna proposes Ecologio, a brochure that aims to reduce network overload at the national level and ease the burden of tariffs.


As the name ascribed to this system suggests, it aims to mark the daily time periods during which it takes place consumption peak, providing minimal tools for Italians to understand when it is best to reduce the use of electricity, and also so as not to burden their finances too much. “Critical hours” are indicated according to their potential danger in red and yellow: during these hours the system is actually most loaded and the entire service is most likely to be compromised.

It starts, as one might guess, in green, which indicates availability in national production that is higher than expected consumption of electricity. In these ranges it is possible to consume regularly, albeit “responsibly, paying particular attention to the time range indicated on the clock”. We then proceed to the second step, the “sensitive schedule” which occurs when the energy produced in our country, in this case but added to that expected to be imported from other neighboring countries, is higher than the expected consumption of electricity.

A “potentially critical” yellow situation occurs when the total electricity production available in Italy that is expected to be imported from neighboring countries is more or less in line with the expected electricity consumption. In this case, the margins are reduced, and it is good to limit consumption as much as possible.

Finally in the “red” hours criticism The risk is that projected energy demand exceeds the amount of energy available at the national level added to that imported from neighboring countries: therefore, the contingency plan for the security of the electricity system may apply precisely in these ranges, “which provides for the rotational separation of loads in order to deal With significant and prolonged energy shortages.

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How to save

In addition to Ecologio, Terna offers a series of suggestions to ease the burden of bills. Starting to use heat pumps Compared to gas boilers: this choice can result in savings of up to 40% per annum, for a total of about 700 euros. Having at home Class A + appliances means, compared to those identifiable in Class G, an annual savings of 40%, which amounts to about 390 euros. Use around the home LED lights Instead of incandescent bulbs, it can lead to savings of 85%: given the minimum reference figure of 6 bulbs, this means avoiding spending around 130 euros on the bill. Total savings, according to Terna, could easily exceed 1,000 euros per year by combining these suggestions.

improve consumption

So, at home, you can follow the small rules that can help reduce consumption. Starting with washing machines and dishwashers only and exclusively with a full load. defrost Refrigerators and freezers running continuously is another tip to follow to avoid the freezer motor running continuously. Always turn off light bulbs where their use is not necessary, always unplug power sources from sockets and avoid leaving electronic devices on standby, which are other small precautions to take to ease our bills.