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This money is in the fold of Soumahoro, which annoys the Democrats

This money is in the fold of Soumahoro, which annoys the Democrats

more than 3 million euros In less than ten years they reached the enclaves of the Caribou, the fold of the Somahoro family, from the Capitoline administration now led by Gualtieri. The money seems to have been issued for cooperating with the Mukimatsindo barn, which welcomed some guests belonging to the commune of Rome in Latina. The number of these, which at least in the past two years has been less than 10 and the high numbers issued, prompted Fdi Chancellor Rachel Mussolini to recall Transparency Committee Thanks to that, it was only on December 14 last year that deep irregularities appeared in the fold – apparently always ignored by the junta – starting with the lack of your turn.

However, Democracy’s answers to the incident are not only convincing, they seem to deny the evidence. “All invoices issued by the Municipality of Rome were issued in favor of the Caribou cooperative so that the position of the cooperative was regular in relation to social security institutions and in relation to the revenue agency.” This was explained by representatives of the Social Policy Committee, Counselor Dem Nella Converti, Department Director Michela Micheli and Head of Personal Services Department Angela Di Prinzo. “The last bill paid – explains Micheli – was paid in July 2022,” an amount — the amount mentioned by the manager — which amounts to approx. 55 thousand euros. An exercise, in fact, given that in 2021 alone, Caribou would have received more than 30 thousand euros from the Capitoline administration and up to 63 thousand euros in the previous year. Amounts which do not appear, when perusal of the serf’s balance sheet.

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But there is more: representatives of the Democratic Party, followers of Gualtieri, actually claim that they did not do this.encounter any difficulty Until October 27, 2022, when it was negative (closed) for two debt positions: with INPS for €57,400 and €244 with Inail. Hence, we have been prevented from paying the bills.”

In fact, cards in hand, it looks different: if the “deficiencies” for Gualtieri Gunta began only a few months ago, when the investigation broke out, in 2021 Karibu has already filed Over two million euros in total debt, including 773,000 taxpayers and about 233,000 social security institutions. Figures that seem impossible not to pay attention to, but which have not stopped the donation of funds by the administration, which, instead, blames the Latin establishment “in charge of its land structures”.

Also, with regard to the inspections of the Sumahoro fortress, the Capitoline administration asserts that they did not find any. abnormality. However, as we have documented, calls for help and protests by caribou migrants have been going on since 2014.