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8 body pampering you definitely must give yourself!

8 body pampering you definitely must give yourself!

Our bodies need to feel love…from ourselves! A private body care routine, in a relaxing moment to get away from everything and everyone and take care of yourself: here are 8 products for real body pampering!

Often times we are in a hurry, busy with a thousand commitments, dissatisfied with our physical appearance and have little time to take care of ourselves… We reverse course, we need very little! we love each other As we are, we accept our little flaws or the things we don’t like, and we carve out moments of purity restalone or with friends, play our favorite sport … and have fun #MeTimeA moment to relax and Pamper yourself without thinking of anything else.

I am the time, 8 good arms of body and soul

from bathroom Relax on one generous Buttery and ultra-hydrating, from a cleaning Sensitive to a light scent on us and on Pillow Before going to bed… there’s so much pampering we can do, to remind ourselves how much we love each other, and to light up the spirit… along with skin and hair! Help yourself 8 highly effective products Exfoliating, moisturizing, refreshing or illuminating, it gives us a unique pleasure and envelops us with its delicate scent!

FOREO LUNA 4 mini, an ultra-modern device that cleans and massages

FOREO LUNA 4 minis

Small but mighty device Designed for younger skin. Tested to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue, refining pores and problem areas, and minimizing blemishes. It is a beauty 2.0 device that comes from Sweden which in a very short time (up to 30 seconds) Cleans and massages Gives the skin a healthy and glowing appearance. Ideal for all skin types thanks to the contact points on the skin silicone Ultra-soft and anti-bacterial, it reduces the appearance of imperfections. Peel dead cells, improve lymphatic drainage and promote the absorption of skin care products.

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Charlotte’s Magical Body Cream moisturizes, smoothes, and firms skin to nourish and brighten skin

Charlotte's Magic Body Cream

Creative best seller now from Charlotte Tilbury, which together with the face cream gives the whole body hydration and vitality. With the exclusive complex Algactive lift Firming, Compressing, Smoothing, Revitalizing Caffeine, Smoothing Soy, Rose Extract, Magnolia Oil, Glycerin, and Sunflower Oil, combined with a blend of vitamins, Aloe Vera, Shea Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid, have a firming, revitalizing, lifting, and firming effect that deeply moisturizes, unifies, smoothes, and smoothes. A must have for those who love to pamper themselves!



that it Body, face and hair oil Ultra moisturizing, emollient and illuminating. With a velvety texture, quickly absorbed, it nourishes and protects skin and hair without greasiness. A multifunctional product based on natural and botanical ingredients, with a botanical formula, Made in italy. Without added fragrance, it has a pure scent from the natural ingredients that make up the formula.

Clarins, the gentle scrub that purifies and smoothes

Clarins exfoliating scrub

Clarins Exfoliating Sugar Scrub It is a body treatment, formulated from Organic Sugar Crystals and Hazelnut Oil, which effectively removes dead cells and impurities instantly. Thanks to its gel texture, soft and melting, combined with the olfactory power of Essential oilsspecified on line scentgives an immediate sense of harmony and well-being, leaving the skin nourished, soft, smooth and supple.

Phytorelax, Shea Butter is Vegan, Organic and Fair Trade

Phytorelax shea butter

a Rich body cream, highly nourishing and protective, intensely nourishes the skin, protecting it from skin dryness. The secret is locked Organic shea butterA natural balm for dry and very dry skin. Apply all over the body after showering, massaging gently until fully absorbed. Real Shea Butter, natural and pure, comes from a sustainable and supportive supply chain.

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Jing bath crystals ritual

Jing bath crystals ritual

A relaxing bath, aromatherapy and a meditative experience: together they are powerful Magnesium crystals bath ritualGiving you a gentle bath that stimulates the body and mind to find balance and inner peace. Special crystals relax muscles, and the relaxing fragrance of lavender blends effortlessly with the calming essence of sandalwood, spreading a scent that soothes and uplifts. Helps improve sleep quality and wake up refreshed and energized in the morning.

Luxury Mist: Coco Mademoiselle Refreshing Body Mist

Coco Mademoiselle spray

Refreshing body mist with hydrating power, fragrance based Coco Mademoiselle Chanel. With an almost imperceptible consistency, it envelops the skin with the notes of the fragrance and leaves a feeling of freshness and softness. Sensual and juicy notes, those of Coco Mademoiselle, where lively notes of orange, transparency of rose and elegance of patchouli are revealed.

L’Occitane en provence, Pampering Serenity Relaxing Pillow Spray

LOccitane Serenity pampering spray

Soothing pillow spray The bosom of serenity At the end of the day, pampering is sprinkled on your pillow and sheets to accompany you into a peaceful night’s sleep. Vaporize in the bedroom every night, 15 minutes before bedtime: it will create a relaxing atmosphere that promotes sleep and well-being. It consists of a blend of essential oils lavender PDOAnd Sweet orange and geranium100% natural.

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