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4 restaurants, the protagonist said enough and Borghese and his employees revealed: “The authors offer…”

4 restaurants, the protagonist said enough and Borghese and his employees revealed: “The authors offer…”

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What does a program like 4 Restaurants hide? He is one of the heroes of the novel who reveals its secrets.

“4 Restaurants” is One of the most followed TV shows Dedicated to high quality cuisine and the world of catering.

The winning formula for the show, Conducted by Alessandro Borghesean entrepreneur and chef, involves a competition between four restaurant owners who compete to win the title of the best and receive the final prize.

But what happens behind the scenes? How much reality is actually shown on TV? Many people ask this.

Giorgio Carusoowner of the famous pizzeria Lievità in Milan and winner of one of the show's episodes, reveals some interesting background.

Restaurant owner spills the beans: The truth about 4 restaurants

In the interview given to DisagreementGiorgio Caruso shares his experience on the show, and highlights some aspects less known to the general public. The final prize, for example, consists of a card worth €5,000But the real transfer reaches the winner’s account only three months after the broadcast, which is the amount, according to Caruso, “It won't change your life” But it is still a positive signal for employees if invested appropriately.

Caruso used his award to Purchase a machine that controls the dough precisely, which shows how recognition can be exploited to improve the quality of service provided and thus have a tangible positive impact on the daily life of the restaurant business. The interview also sheds light on a character Alessandro Borgheseis described as someone who moves naturally on set, making everything easier and showing strong experience in professional kitchens.

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Truth 4 restaurants
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Caruso's discoveries about the future of restaurateurs after 4 restaurants

However, Caruso's most surprising statements relate to the show's dynamics: “The authors give the line and then we go without the text.”He reveals, stressing that nothing is expected and that the votes remain secret until the end. This spontaneity contributes to… Create an atmosphere of real competition among participantsalthough the costs of cooking and hospitality fall entirely on the responsibility of the restaurant owners.

Caruso openly criticizes this practice, and highlights how it is done Presentation does not significantly impact a restaurant's bottom line But you create new opportunities in terms of visibility and customers. Caruso sends a clear message about the difficulties this sector faces, calling for broader thinking about the realities of life as a chef and about the daily challenges that restaurateurs have to face when the show's cameras go off and viewers no longer know what's going on.