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Luca Pitteri e maestro di Amici -

Luca Pieteri, Professor of Amici to 12 cycles of chemotherapy: how they are reduced today

Luca Pieteri, known in the Italian entertainment world above all because he was the singing teacher in the first editions of friends, beloved by Maria De Filippi’s loyal audience. Although he is no longer part of the talent show, he is still followed on social networks by many fans.

Unfortunately, during his life he had to deal with an illness that gave him a hard time. His story has left everyone in suspense over the years. But now many are wondering how it is. Here’s how it went down today.

Luca Peteri –

Born in Venice on January 25, 1962, Luca Pieteri has an artistic career that deserves respect. He has collaborated with big names in the world of music such as Beppe Vesicchio. He was also a singing teacher between 2009 and 2010 I sing Participated in an episode of I leave you a song. Then from 2001 to 2007 he was singing the teacher’s ad friends. In 2002, he was the vocal coach and musical director for the talent show I am gifted in Europe.

Luca Pieteri was close to De Felipe for six years. Perhaps not everyone knows him, but in the studio he met his partner Bridget HunterOr one of the students of the fifth edition. Even today they are very close and Gioele is born out of their love. Thanks to his love for Luca Pieteri He managed to face one of the most difficult challenges of his life.

The tough fight against cancer

It’s arrived In a difficult moment for meWhere she found out that I was seriously ill, and she helped me and then stayed by my side. I didn’t think, because of the chemo, that I would be able to have children, or at least I was warned that it would be difficult. Instead, my baby was born later and it was really a gift.”

He said he had no symptoms and Thanks to regular checkups, he was able to avoid the worst: “I had an operation and after 12 cycles of chemotherapy I tried to learn as much as possible about the relationship between the disease and lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, stress). I discovered a lot of basic things that I did not know or at least underestimated.

How is the master the day before friends?

Luca Pieteri fine today, Even if he didn’t let his guard down. on me Instagram He often shares snapshots of private and professional life that show a lot of grit and energy in the face of everyday life.

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Luca and Brigida are in love -
Luca and Brigida –

So let’s lend a hand to fate. Prevention and information are the basis of the fight against cancer (and any other disease). Laziness and fear can be very dangerous to our health and sometimes fatal to our lives.