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Paola Perego's story: “I have just recovered from cancer.  I didn't understand it until after the operation” – video

Paola Perego's story: “I have just recovered from cancer. I didn't understand it until after the operation” – video

“I am recovering from cancer, so it was not easy but now things are going well and I am slowly recovering.” Paola Perego returns to the TV in the living room very right On Canale 5 to tell us how he discovered his illness and what happened next. In January, the broadcaster published a post on social media in which she revealed that she had undergone a “partial kidney removal operation due to a tumor,” and thanked the doctor who performed the operation on her. “I wrote this post, just writing, not because I like to share private moments of my life, but to remember how important prevention is,” he explains today on TV, “I wanted to do it for this reason: if I had not done it.” “If I had not “With the scans, I would not have found out I had kidney cancer and it would have gotten bigger,” she said, underscoring how “privileged” she is to be able to afford private scans every year. He says now, perhaps less than a month after the operation, the worst happened not when the disease was diagnosed, but afterward.

“They noticed something was wrong during the scan, immediately ran another test and the diagnosis came back straight away: cancer. Except I didn't understand right away, I realized after the surgery,” he admits to Silvia Tuovanen's audience, “before I joked about it, maybe like everyone else I thought it couldn't happen to me. Now I'm dealing with the fact that I have cancer, which is not easy. It's all so new that I still don't understand much of it. They tell me it's normal. And now I'm starting to think: “If my body is producing cancer cells, it may continue to do so.” “I'm lucky enough to have friends who are doctors. I had surgery right away and with very good specialists, and now I can even talk about it on TV.” Then he recounts an incident that describes his attitude to the disease well: “I had a partial resection. “For the kidney, because it was a small cancer. Before I had the surgery, I told my children that I had a benign cyst: but the strange thing is that they were the ones who told me, I don't remember that.”

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