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Zebre: Amoretti is the new main sponsor for the next three years


Le Zebre has a new main sponsor coming from the Parma region. The club is proud to announce that for the next three years, Amoretti – a ducal franchise partner since the 2020/21 season – will be at the forefront alongside the North West XV in the BKT United Rugby Championship and EPCR Challenge international tournaments. cup.

A renewed and strengthened partnership. The Corte Parma brand – a Parma-based leader in the packaging sector of the best Italian “Food Valley” products – is among the key players in the Lanfranchi race day experience, contributing to the organization of many activities, such as: the Business Club, an initiative aimed at Develop new business opportunities between Zebre partners and prestigious guests.

A cooperation expressed on and off the field that will contribute to strengthening the scope of Franchigia’s relations with the territory and with the fabric of entrepreneurship. The partnership agreement includes numerous opportunities for exposure and cross-promotion in Italy and abroad, as well as in the digital and social channels of Zebre and Amoretti. Starting this year, Parma’s logo and name will feature heavily on the chest of the match kits worn by Licata and his teammates against major teams in Europe, the UK and South Africa.

The Buttigino (PR)-based company will continue to supply the team kit with a weekly range of delicious, nutritious and carefully prepared products, which can be used as a daily snack during intense and important training sessions at the Cittadella del Rugby in Parma.

Athletes and members of the club’s technical and administrative staff will also be Amoretti’s guests at company events, where they will present their certificates and knowledge as international sports and administrative figures.

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Statements by the CEO of Zebre Parma Fabrizio Gaitanello: “I am very proud to be able to announce that Parma Amoretti will be our new main sponsor for the next three years. The partnership with Amoretti is not a simple one but one that certainly goes beyond the commercial aspect: Egidio Amoretti has become a real point of reference for all our sponsors. “We work with him and other partners every day to offer a series of new initiatives and opportunities. Finally, I would like to thank Egidio for the invaluable closeness he shows to me and to our club every day.”

Statements Egidio AmorettiCEO of Amoretti: “This season, the boys will wear our big ‘heart’ on their chest for every match; we better be with them to press in every huddle and fight in every battle. The value of Zipperi to the Parma region must be made clear and appreciated as the only city that competes internationally every weekend, a hotbed of For talent for the Italian national team, as well as being a source of inspiration and ambition for young rugby players in Italy.
It is precisely for this reason that the girls and boys of Corte Parma will make time, ideas and resources available to implement new projects, business ideas and new ways to introduce Zébri outside of sporting activities. It will be an innovative model of partnership that goes beyond the typical rules of sponsorship, with the hope that many other entities in our entrepreneurial fabric can follow us on this path. We have an important year ahead of us and our hearts will scream “GO ZEBRE” at every match!

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