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4km uphill, Italian Vertical Kilometer Championship. Moya and Belotti are among the candidates


Udine – A total of 126 athletes will compete on Sunday 15 October in Cercivanto (Udine) on the occasion of Remembrance Day Italian Vertical Kilometer Championship, One of the toughest disciplines in the mountain running scene.

In detail they are 88 men and 38 women To accept the challenge launched by the event organizers Apd Timau Cleulis and Pro Loco of Cercivento. A good number, divided between athletes of the Absolute, Promise, Master A, Master B and Master C categories who will fight to have the shield sewn onto their shirts. It’s called a test “Das vertical plan” The men’s categories will start at 9:30, except for the Master C. The remaining tests will begin at 10.

The battle between Male divorcees It will matter to the pentathlon athletes. Spotlight on the athlete from Venzone registered with the Gemonarchitettura Tiziano Moia, born in 1992, the Blue Mountain runner, who has just obtained second place in Chiavenna Lagùnc and an excellent performance in the vertical kilometer race. He will be challenged by his teammate Giulio Simonetti (’91), the specialist from Moggio Udinese, who with Moya won the Transcivita Carpos in Belluno Dolomites this year. Among them, Andrea Elia (’94, Osa Valmadrera), from Lecco, from Pastoro, is ready to enter decisively. He placed 19th at the World National Mountain Running Championships in the Vertical Uphill discipline and made a strong debut in the mountains. -The only specialty is getting second place in a test for the Italian Championships. Another Friuli worthy of attention is Michael Galassi (’90) of the Unione Sportiva Aldo Moro di Paluzza, winner of the Erwin Mayer Monument a few months ago, as well as the experienced Emanuele Manzi (’77, US Malonno), Como from Gravedona but now an adopted Camunian.

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Speaking of Valle Camonica and U Malono, Among women in the comprehensive category To follow Valentina Belotti, two-time world champion in mountain running, is ready in Carnia to defend the tricolor title she won in 2022. Former Italian cross-country skier Antonella Confortola, also a member of the Imperia Marathon Club, will try to challenge her on the world podium in Past like Belotti. Then pay attention to the Friulian from Tolmezzo, US-registered Malono Maria Dimitra Theocharis, already an exotic Italian ski mountaineer who boasts many all-around victories, and Martina De Silvestro (Athletica Comelico).

He commented: “We are satisfied with the excellent quality of the members Cercivento sports advisor and race organizer Elio Ferrigo -. We care about the weather condition, even if we are well equipped in this regard since there are many shuttle buses to take the athletes back to the valley directly after the test.

C will be present at the raceScandinavian omniologist Alessandro Bettin, He grew up in Cercivento, where his parents still live. The Italian, Olympic bronze medalist in Vancouver in 2010, welcomed with great enthusiasm the organizers’ invitation to play the role of witness to the event. Her CV also includes participation in the Olympic Games in Torino 2006, Sochi 2014, Pyeongchang 2018 and Beijing 2022. This event was also supervised by Lisa Vituzzi, a Sabada biathlete born in 1995 and world relay champion.

Only athletes associated with Vidal can participate in the race. Its route is just over 4 km (4.1) entirely uphill. We start in Cercivento at 580 meters above sea level. The first 200 meters are all on asphalt, so specialists are asked to take the “Strade da lougie e maine da di sot”, a gravel road that leads to the “Pian delle Streghe”. The last two hundred meters of elevation difference will be encountered on the CAI 154 route: among them the last 50 meters will be developed on the municipal road of Monte Tenchia. It is expected to reach an altitude of 1,580 meters above sea level. The event is held under the auspices of Vidal and sponsored by the Municipality of Cercivento, APD Timaucleuilis, the FVG Autonomous Region, the Mountain Community of Carnea and the BIM Consortium.

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