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Zapata from Atalanta is blocked in the bank by security: "Where do you think you're going? It's not a place for you"

Zapata from Atalanta is blocked in the bank by security: “Where do you think you’re going? It’s not a place for you”

“Where do you plan to go?” “you do not know who I am!”. Dialogue between Dovan Zapata And the security men at the entrance to the private videoram bank in Piazza Matteotti in Bergamo, where Atalanta striker position He’s gone to take care of his own business. The footballer showed up in tracksuits – a hoodie, track suit and sneakers – perhaps not even so obvious. On the other hand, thanks to his many goals, he is loved by the Atalanta Curve. But the guards did not recognize the Colombian and stopped his passage.

Zapata is stopped at the entrance by security

When he tried to get in, Zapata was stopped. “Where do you think you are going? This is not a place for you, go somewhere else,” more or less meaning of the words that were to be addressed to him. “I’m Zapata, I’m Zapata, let me in.” “Zapata, who?” , the answer. The episode he narrated Bergamo couriersimilar to what happened in 2000 to Clarence Seedorf once he arrived in Italy.

Bank apology to Zapata

After clarifying the misunderstanding, the bank’s apologies arrived. “Zapata is one of our customers – confirmation from the Bergamo branch manager at Fiduram, Marco Perry – But the bank and security are two different things. The latter guarantees a permanent watch service, in the morning and in the afternoon, in the interval between the entrance and the street. For our operations, in general, each client has his own personal financial advisor with whom he deals by appointment. Until next time, Zapata hopes he won’t receive another nasty surprise.

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