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“You have a split personality.”  Magliolio was shocked

“You have a split personality.” Magliolio was shocked

Nerves frayed between Anna Bettinelli H Lorella Cuccarini In the third episode of the evening program Amici 23. The radio announcer threw a new challenge between Meda and Martina which ended in an angry brawl that also included A Cristiano Malgioglio I was particularly shocked.

Friends 23 PM Episode 3: All spoilers here Who has been eliminated. In Tananay's studio

Amici 23, Anna Bettinelli shouts at everyone. “You have a split personality,” Lorella Cuccarini shushed her. Magliolio was shocked

Amici 23, Evening Report Cards: Stop Yelling (2), Furiosa Cuccarini (8), Teachers' Challenges (7), Giovanni and the Monsters (9)

Bettinelli vs. Cuccarini

The third episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi begins with a gauntlet between Meda and Martina Anna Bettinelli. Testing, like last Saturday, was not accepted Lorella Cuccarini Which she thinks is not fair… While Cuccarini gives her reasons, Bettinelli talks about them and the atmosphere heats up.

“No, now you have to be silent because you are good at making a fuss,” says Lorella Cuccarini firmly. “Give me two minutes but be quiet. Let’s call a spade a spade: go back to making a glove with the reality on the field.”

A glove from a teacher who allowed one of her students to say, “You're deaf as a bell, but I don't understand emotions.” Where did that teacher go? Do you have a split personality?

Evil shocked

Also for Cristiano Malgioglio The gauntlet is not fair: “I've been here for two weeks, and I've been listening to Meda and he's got a very interesting voice… You've got to let me talk – Bettinelli approaches menacingly, shouting 'Let me talk…' – but how many coffees has he drunk? I heard like that of elephants, Meda sings so well, you make my head bleed, and you can't take away a person's character.

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Amici Evening 23, Lorella Cuccarini is angry with Anna Bettinelli: “Modify your tone.” It's chaos on the gauntlet

“Let's make him sing the playback then,” Bettinelli says teasingly, and Cuccarini explodes. “Stop talking bad about other students to make your students stand out. You shouldn't dare, okay?” The entire studio screams “Laurella Laurella.” Michele Bravi tries to bring some peace: “This continuing to attack Midas or in any case making him challenge an exact copy of the other is not good for her either (edited by Martina) because you reduce her to a simple sound. It's not fair, if it were a gauntlet of interpretation where Midas is free to do what he wants I would have said yes. Anna always starts in the wrong places, Auto-Tune is really a creative tool for all intents and purposes, it's a stylistic feature. Here I am in the introduction and I cannot judge the intonation contest. Midas has always used it creatively.”

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