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Fulvio Marino, stabbed in the side by Clerici live: No one has dared so much before

Fulvio Marino, stabbed in the side by Clerici live: No one has dared so much before

Fulvio Marino and Antonella Clerici –

Will Fulvio Marino betray Antonella Clerici? This is how the baker, who is always present on the programs of the beloved broadcaster, revealed himself on social media.

fulvio marino, Miller is third generation and a well-known face on Italian televisionHe brought his passion for baking directly into the homes of Italians.

Born into a family of millers Cuneo, Marino turned a family tradition into a personal missionHe spread the art of baking through television and books.

The man is known as a long-time collaborator of Antonella Clerici, First in “La Prova del Cuoco” and then in “It's Always Midday”.

Fulvio found out Conquer the audience with its simplicity and efficiencybecoming a reference point in the Italian television culinary panorama.

Fulvio Marino, from the family mill to the small screen alongside Antonella Clerici

Fulvio Marino began his baking journey at a young age, working in the family mill and devoting himself to producing high-quality flour. His television career began thanks to the collaboration with Antonella Clerici, first in “La Prova del Cuoco” and then in “È semper mezza”.. In these programmes, Fulvio had the opportunity to demonstrate bread making techniques to the general public, share traditional recipes and innovations in the field of flour and baking.

His presence on television was not limited to bread alone; Fulvio has actually contributed to spreading the culture of good foodPromoting local products and the importance of a short supply chain. His competence and ability to communicate have made Marino a popular face with audiences who appreciate his authenticity and passion for food.

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Fulvio Marino in real time
Fulvio Marino Egg –

Fulvio Marino's new adventure away from Clerici

“Wonder Oven – Bakers in Competition” It represents a new television adventure for Fulvio Marino, a move that some interpreted as a “television betrayal” towards Antonella Clerici. The programme, which airs on Real Time, sees three bakeries from the same area competing in a competition Who rates their sweet and savory preparations and a house specialty product called Meraviglia. Fulvio Marino, supported by different guests in each episode, judges the contestants' creations, awarding the winner with a prize of gold coins.

This format, which focuses exclusively on bread making and valorizing local bakeries, leaves a significant mark Development in Marino's careerwho, as a flour and baking expert, is now trying out the role of host of his own show.