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Yannick says no to the Sanremo festival.  It's like winning the Open Championship

Yannick says no to the Sanremo festival. It's like winning the Open Championship

Dear Jannik Sener, Let me address you as you, the writer having begun to follow your exploits too late – when it is now so easy to side with you – that he has become acquainted with “you”. I can't say I know you. But I think I know the world of entertainment well because I treated it as a professional duty. So let me give you some advice. Don't go to Sanremo. staying at home. Play PlayStation the way you want, and watch one of your matches again. And if you're really interested, you can watch the festival from your couch. Don't be dazzled by the sequins and pop crowd. They are more deadly than the depth of Daniil Medvedev's ball. You were perfect, sinner, when you said, as soon as the rumors began to spread that you were invited to Sanremo, “For my knowledge, I won't go there. I sing very badly, and dance even worse: I'm rejected. Forget it! I must play tennis.” ” Help yourself! good boy! But then Amadeus, which was as boring as the most bland basic games, officially invited her yesterday. “Come, come, it will be nice, you don't have to do anything”, “You should get a standing ovation!”, “What a surprise!”, “People from Ibiza”, “Let’s all hug each other on this day” . A stage, then a minute of advertising…” Don't fall for it, sinner. We are praying for you as your loyal fans. Amadeus is able to fool everyone, even Fiorello, the Sicilian. Imagine you are coming from Alto Adige. He'll start lobbying sponsors, then call you nonstop from now until next Tuesday to bring you to Ariston. But you say no, make up an excuse, and pretend nothing happened. Think about it: you'll be the first Italian to say no to the festival. Unlike the first to win the Australian Open. But not even a grand slam! She is only 22 years old. The best Yannick of our lives. He has plenty of time to end up in a gap between BigMama and the evening news…so what does he do? Live dribbling on stage like any other Djokovic? A monologue about the superiority of male sports? A gag with Marco Mingioni? Trust us, say no. What you did well, no one did better. And you never will. Don't spoil everything. And think about the fate of tennis players who in the past succumbed to the spotlight of Sanremo. She's a hero, and it shows. Not effective. We learned that he canceled the ATP Championship in Marseille, which falls directly on the days of the festival. Aren't you, sweet Yannick, really thinking about it? We know you're a good guy, so let's hope he's not. But we know Amadeus, and unfortunately we fear him.

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