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With these cars, you can travel with peace of mind: they are the safest of 2024

With these cars, you can travel with peace of mind: they are the safest of 2024

What are the safest cars of 2024? Here are the cars that allow you to travel in peace for every occasion.

Traveling by car It can be unsafe if you don't choose the right cars. There are many variables to consider. In fact, when you need to buy a car, you should always evaluate what it is Security systems included Public protection is included.

Safe cars in 2024, suitable models to buy (

Anyone who wants to buy a car in 2024 certainly needs to know What are the best models? Which provides comfort and general protection. What are the most popular and safest cars that allow you to sleep peacefully while traveling? Help yourself Everything you need to know To about.

The safest cars of 2024: here's what they are

How do we understand what are the safest cars of 2024? Well, you have to do it Consider different aspects. That is why experts in this field carefully evaluated the selected characteristics Hundreds of models They manage to understand cars that allow you to travel without worry.

Safe cars, here are the cars you can choose now (

The first in this regard is Volkswagen ID.7. It is a car with special characteristics, capable of obtaining Safety score 95% To protect adults and 83% to protect children. Without a doubt, this is the safest car of 2024.

Immediately after that, the car stops BMW 5 series. I Positive result 89% Regarding the protection of adults. However, some frontal crash tests have highlighted shortcomings when it comes to pelvic and femur protection.

The car is also included in the ranking Mercedes EQE SUV. This German car in particular stood out, not only for its amazing performance but also for its power Latest technology Which increases the protection of users on board. There are some drawbacks in the car such as the central airbag which is not very strong and has some defects.

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In fourth place in choosing the safest cars for the year 2024 is Tender forceps. Although not everyone knows this Chinese car, the car is capable of supporting the safety of those on board with various systems. Protect those on board It's 87% positive. While other road users enjoy 80% safety.

Finally, we must mention Let Ev9. This is a great car from an award-winning South Korean brand 5 star rating For safety by experts Euro NCAP. Furthermore, there are amazing protections for both adults and children on board.