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Whatsapp, an absolute turning point for calling: users are thrilled

Whatsapp, an absolute turning point for calling: users are thrilled

There's a real turning point for WhatsApp when it comes to custom call management: here's what it's all about.

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most used messaging apps in the world. That's why developers are always working to introduce new solutions and give users the opportunity to manage conversations better and with higher priority.

What's new in calls on WhatsApp –

This way you can offer greater and useful control over your messaging experience. It seems that one of these functions is currently in development and should allow us to make real progress when it comes to calls. Let's see together what it is.

Hacking calls in the WhatsApp application

Right now, the developers are working on something new, namely Create your favorite contacts Which will appear through A Custom chat filter. This is the new functionality that will soon be used by a Update WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp update
New WhatsApp features for calls –

This is an optimization that has been made to ensure the possibility Quickly make calls to selected contacts Right from the Calls tab, where every call can be made just one click away. Although this feature is still present iOS app development stage, WhatsApp also appears to be rolling it out to other devices, including PC.

In short, users will have the opportunity to do so Check your selection of contacts Favorites where they will be able to add them manually using a custom filter. This can be a very useful function for those who find themselves at work every day Manage a large number of conversations.

By giving users the ability to mark certain contacts as favourites, WhatsApp allows them to do just that Prioritize key conversations With the people they interact with most often. This way, managing calls, especially for those who make a lot of them for work reasons, will become much easier and faster.

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This is a level of customization that users of the popular messaging service have been eagerly awaiting, which will greatly improve the user experience. At the moment, the contact selection function is under development and can be used thanks to one of the following updates to the web client, which however Publication date not yet known.