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“With Benedetta I feel so good, I don’t think so every time…”

“With Benedetta I feel so good, I don’t think so every time…”

The Amici 22 winner is based on dancer Benedetta Fari.

Mattia Zinzola and Benedetta Fari are really together? To shed some light on the situation, the Winner of the 22nd edition of Amici Which, in a recent interview with Superguidatv, he wanted to clarify once and for all His relationship with the Latin dancer.

The gentle confession of Mattia Zinzola on Benedetta Fari

Matthias Zinzola He came back to talk about his wonderful experience in a school friendswhich he finished victory which also featured A special relationship was born with Benedetta Fari. Interview by Superguidatv,Former pupil of Raimondo Todato He took the opportunity to repeat his attitude towards the dancer:

I’m good with her. We share the same passion and collaborate together in dance and life. We have a lot of fun. I do not think that every time there is a need to give explanations …

I feel a lot with wax – Zinzolla added, explaining that he also stayed close to the other Amechi 22 guys – It was his birthday recently and I wished him a happy birthday. I also kept in touch with Angelina, Isobel, Alessio and Samu as well as Benedetta. I am really interested in the friendships and relationships you have created at school.

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As for Relationship with Lieutenant Colonel Maria de FelipeAnd Mathias open:

Maria has a thousand commitments and after Amici has devoted herself to other programmes. We haven’t had much opportunity to hear from each other, but I’m convinced it’s always there. Everything that happened within the school, starting with the personal relationships that were created, depended on Maria. She is a woman who puts everyone on the same level, and treats everyone as an equal. And this is the most beautiful thing.

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