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Selvagia Lucarelli, the image that terrified Chiara Ferragni: “Do you remember Lili Moura?”

Selvagia Lucarelli, the image that terrified Chiara Ferragni: “Do you remember Lili Moura?”

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez They are silent and “confined” in a huge, luxurious Milanese penthouse, with the influencer who, after Panduro Gate, “cancelled the company dinner and silenced the rumor that his boss Fabio Di would be blown away by the lover. No scapegoat, but just a long penance”; explains Selvagia Lucarelli who at the time had pointed the finger at Ferragni's benevolence or supposed benevolence. In a long article about FinishedLucarelli also emphasizes the details represented by the proverb Lily Mora And this is from Veragnise.

For the commentator, the businessman's “detachment from reality” had reached its peak months ago, when the front pages of newspapers showed students in tents in front of Milan's universities to highlight the high rents in the city and specifically in the city. In those days, Chiara Ferragni posted photos of visiting the construction site of the new huge penthouse with her two children. Lucarelli describes the ridicule and ridicule of many social media users that no longer hung on Ferragni's lips. “It was said that the end of Lili Moura was determined by his photos Huge overflowing refrigerator On the Costa Smeralda, when he was at the peak of his success as a star agent. “Someone started looking at what was in his accounts, as well as in the refrigerator,” Lucarelli comments. “A few days ago Pandoro Gate Chiara showed her followers her new giant high-tech refrigerator, which was not only a gift, but also paid content, like almost her entire house. Many commented: “You can't even buy a refrigerator.” “In fact, these days, in addition to antitrust problems and the attention of the Attorney General's Office, there are various business problems.”

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Brands running away, investigations, followers who don't like it. “Due to a kind of law of retaliation, among other things, the Pandora Gate exploded during the Christmas period, that is, when stories and posts on Instagram generate the most profits. To this we must add that Reputation disaster “It is something so huge that it has overwhelmed her entire family,” continues Lucarelli, according to which the influencer made a serious mistake in her communication strategy after the millionaire fine imposed by the Antitrust Authority. “Right now, the fall is very difficult: it was raining banknotes on her head and now they are throwing coins at him. The only good news is that the children of the Ferragnes family will spend their Christmas holidays without pointing their mobile phones at them. Maybe,” concludes the commentator.