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Will there be a new fall season?  We reveal the date of the season change!

Will there be a new fall season? We reveal the date of the season change!

When does autumn cold come?

We are experiencing a weather phase dominated by high pressure in Africa, and if we don’t have some disturbance in the southern part, we can say that Italy kisses the whole of Italy because of the cyclonic vortex in some of our southern parts. The sun and climate are still fully summer. The next few days will also be hotter.
But when will the cold fall come?

Before disclosure Date An imaginary change in the general circulation, it is proper to say a few words about what will happen in the immediate future.
No major shocks until Friday, September 8 Most of the climate front in the southern regions is still forced to deal with the cyclone area, despite the fact that it is now in a phase of gradual erosion.
However, it’s a different matter for the center-north and Sardinia, where, day by day, temperatures gain points, with thermometers returning to peak very close to the 31/33°C range.

Now even the immediate weekend is destined to be spent in the heat This time also in the south, the cyclonic vortex will lose its energy completely.
Below is the diagram we propose The maximum temperature is expected on Saturday, September 9: The warmest part is the Tyrrhenian region, especially the SardiniaColumns of mercury rise until they touch the nearby peaks 34/36°C (Color Rdark bone).

The maximum temperature is expected on Saturday, September 9
But our attention is focused A slightly cooler autumn is likely to arrive.
We’re telling you right now: those who don’t like the heat or are tired of summer should handle themselves with more patience due to the high pressure in Africa. He has no intention of stepping down, at least not anytime soon; Instead, barring surprises, it will strengthen further with the intention of contacting us next week, at least until the middle of the month.
And the new date? Something may change from Saturday, September 16 In the general climate structure, the influence of the cold and unsteady Atlantic flow may have prevailed over the warm and steady flow of African origin.

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We’ll keep you updated, but for now, it’s always summer!