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WhatsApp will be easier to access  Keep your thumbs ready and make yourself beautiful, now everything is safer

WhatsApp will be easier to access Keep your thumbs ready and make yourself beautiful, now everything is safer

When it comes to the world From instant messagesOne of the applications that immediately comes to your mind is definitely WhatsApp: Born at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, it quickly established itself as one of the most used messaging apps worldwide (on par with its eponymous counterpart cable). Over the years they have evolved and changed significantly: in this regard, just think about creating versions a jobDesigned for businesses and companies. This development does not tend to stop, as many innovations appear in this regard In-app access.

WhatsApp previous news!

One of the latest innovations introduced as September arrives Group management. In fact, Meta made an announcement at the time, stating that it could be created groups without necessarily giving them a name right away, which allows the choice to be postponed to a later moment in the event that there are no particularly interesting groups. The announcement was made by company owner Mark Zuckerberg, who said the following:

This option makes it easier to create new WhatsApp groups by naming them based on the people in the chat when you don’t want to make up another name.. […] This new feature will be launched globally in the next few days Mark Zuckenberg – CEO of Meta

This option is designed for conversations with internal conversations Maximum total of 6 members. Those who are part of the group, failing to name the same, He will display it differently: Actually they will be able to see the name of the person who created it or other contacts (if they are in their contacts). Regardless, now is a good time to talk Of future news coming to WhatsApp Which will greatly facilitate access to the interior: let’s find out all the details!

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Accessing WhatsApp will be easier!

The arrival of these new features was announced by Meta On X (the new name for the now-defunct Twitter site), by publishing a post containing a video clip approximately 20 seconds long. This was announced internally The arrival of new ways through which the application can be accessedwhich will provide an alternative to the typical two-step authentication through the use of SMS that provides a code to log in to WhatsApp.

Specifically, the replacement methods will be specific three: Face recognition, PIN, or fingerprint to open the app. This choice by Meta can be attributed to its desire to simplify access within WhatsApp and at the same time To increase internal security. Previously, these types of “passkeys” were tested by WhatsApp In its experimental channel And now it looks like they are all ready to launch. As a greeting iOS and iPhone At the moment, it is not known when they will be introduced internally, the fact is that these changes will come to Android In the coming weeks and months (most likely they may arrive at the beginning of 2024).

While this is more than positive, it is on the one hand increasing Quality of life” From the application, on the other hand there can be a problem. The fact that there is biometric data and personal identification numbers saved on the server It can significantly facilitate the possibility of the theft of this sensitive data, with very serious and dangerous consequences. Precisely for this reason, Meta will have to ensure that this data is appreciably secure, thus preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. However, this is an excellent step forward that will greatly simplify the process of dealing with an instant messaging application Most used in the world.

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