Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Nintendo Switch: The trailer has been removed, and many are considering a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement


Nintendo Switch It was presented with A Tractor for three minutes on October 20, 2016. Today Nintendo removed this trailer, making it private, raising fans’ hopes for an announcement. Nintendo Switch 2. Below you can see the trailer in question:


According to some, Nintendo may have removed the video so as not to hinder a potential Nintendo Switch 2 promotion at the level Search engine optimization (Search engine optimization). In fact, despite speculation, the new console is unlikely to be introduced before next year, given that Nintendo has ruled out talk of it in 2023.

So what could it be Reason for removal? In fact, there is talk about the end of the rights to the song “White Denim” used in the trailer, although there is nothing confirmed on this matter. In fact, this would still be a strange move, given the current success of the console, which is able to continue selling millions of units. So why take it away?

Another hypothesis is that it was a simple mistake, although this is unlikely to be the case, given that it would have been corrected as soon as it became public.

The bottom line is that the blackout of the footage remains a mystery. Nintendo itself has not commented on the situation, also because it does not pose any specific critical issues.

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