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ASUS confirms ROG Ally X: full announcement date and first official details

ASUS confirms ROG Ally X: full announcement date and first official details

ROG confirmed in its weekly ROG Pulse via live video broadcast what we all already know: the next model of ROG Ally It will be announced soon. Specifically, the company revealed that there will be a special announcement about June 2 Is that The official name is ROG Ally X.

It has been specifically said that the next ROG Ally will be revealed during this event. While trying out the ROG Pulse, Jake Kolinski and Whitson Gordon They couldn’t reveal much about what lies ahead, but the two wanted to provide some information regarding the mobile devices, also since there have been many rumors lately.

What has been confirmed regarding ROG Ally

Gordon explained that the new devices will not be just an update to the old model: we should not expect the same device with just one improved specification, but more than that. At the same time It’s not a completely new generation and a complete redesign shouldn’t be expected. According to ROG, it’s something that falls between these two extremes.

Official name So it won’t be ROG Ally 2 but ROG Ally X. According to the company, it is an evolution of the previous model designed for true enthusiasts of this technology and practically every component has been designed based on buyer feedback.

Among the things that have been improved in the ROG Ally, Kolinsky adds Drums (We’re talking about a huge improvement in this case, 30-40%), storage space (NVMe M.2 SSD support with up to 2280 form factor), RAM (LPDDR5X-7500 support), connection ports and also some “hardware” components. ” the other for the controller (Gordon at that moment imitated pressing the keys with his hands, so we assume we are talking about buttons or perhaps levers).

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The dimensions must remain the same. The location of the SD card reader has been moved to avoid malfunction. Moreover, this model It will be available in black. Pricing has not been confirmed, but we expect a number higher than $699.

The ROG Ally Z1 Extreme and will have the same screen. However, there will be “more than that.” Unfortunately, they did not add any further details about it and reiterated that we will have to come back on June 2nd to find out more about it.

The PC/Laptop console will also include the software Armory SE v1.5, with a noticeable improvement in the user interface. Among the new features is the fact that you can add games to your favorites list. It would also be easier to segment games by platform/store. It will also be possible to display games in a list, instead of a grid, and there will be many options to customize the user interface (sizing, positioning, scrolling, background management…).