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How to recover archived messages on Gmail and WhatsApp

How to recover archived messages on Gmail and WhatsApp

How to Recover Archived Messages on Gmail and WhatsApp Easily: Procedures to Follow for Different Services.

How to recover archived messages on Gmail and WhatsApp (

If you want to recover archived messages on Gmail, either through the application for smartphones and tablets or through the web version accessible from the browser, you can follow the procedures that we list in the following article, in which you will also find the steps to follow to recover archived messages on WhatsApp. So let’s find out together how to do it.

You can recover archived messages on Gmail for Android, iOS/iPadOS, and web version

To recover archived messages from the Gmail app, launch the app and use the search bar at the top. He writes -in:inbox -in:sent -in:chat -in:drafts And press Enter to view emails that are not in the standard folders and are therefore archived.

Alternatively, select i Three dashes at the top left And it rises All messages. Here you will be able to see archived emails that do not have the badge Inbox. You can choose to restore emails by tapping on them and then selecting them Move to your inbox From the three dots menu at the top right.

Recover messages from Gmail and WhatsApp (

To select multiple emails at the same time, long press on the first message and then select the other messages or use the option Select all.

You can also open the email and from the three-dot menu at the top right, choose Move it to Inbox.

from Web version of GmailInstead, you have to log in to your account and use the search bar at the top with the terms -in:inbox -in:sent -in:chat -in:drafts To locate archived emails. Otherwise from liquidation All messages On the sidebar (click “lastIf it doesn’t appear, you can access all your emails.

To move it, right-click on the message and select it Move to your inbox Or open the email and use the down arrow icon to move it directly to Inbox.

Recover Archived Messages on WhatsApp (Smartphone, PC with Web App)

On iPhone, open WhatsApp And press Archived At the beginning of the tab conversationthen tap and hold on the archived chat you want to restore and select it Extracts From the list. On iPhone, you can also tap releaseThen select Chats Excerpt from the archive.

However, from your computer, either from the app or from the web version, launch WhatsApp and select the icon Archivesthen right-click on the archived chat and choose Excerpt from the archive.

However, on Mac, after pressing the Archive icon, use the down arrow to extract the chat. In WhatsApp Web, sign in and tap Archivedthen right-click on the desired chat or use the arrow, select Extract chats from the archive.

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