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What would a 3,000-year-old man look like? Experts have created a prototype and the result is really ridiculous »

What would a 3,000-year-old man look like? Experts made a prototype and the result was really ridiculous

Psychophysical aspects of fear for the future manIt is known that the file technologyOver the years, it has become more and more creative, but in the long run it can have devastating effects on humans.

It was a research commissioned by FREE SHIPPING To show us what could actually happen to humans in about 1,000 years, exactly in 3000. In short, researchers from an American company “created” future Man. Prototype, as stated Prophetdeveloped by the same innovative technological software, it is called who is thisOne Women Which certainly does not respond to the aesthetic standards of this millennium. Excessive use of electronic equipment Like smartphones, tablets, and computers, according to this research, this can lead to the evolution of our devices psychosomatic traits: we will be humpingAnd the deep voicewith the little brainAnd theThe haunted eyes and the claw hands. Thus, we can become, in short, distorted by technology.

Among the most obvious characteristicsman 3000exist camThis is due to the many hours you spend looking at the screens of electronic devices. You will gradually lose your back ‘S’ lineto approach one “C” curve, with the protrusion of the head relative to the axis of the pelvis due to the tendency to bend. There will definitely be effects on neck. will become Shorter and wider than usual. The prototype studied actually has a so-called technological neck due to which the gaze is shifted from top to bottom which hurts the muscles, and it has to do extra work to keep the head straight.

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We also find a file hand claw. This other imagined distortion is rather disturbing and describes the situation our party assumes every day to hold a cell phone. Extensive use of the device with Flexing the elbow at a right angle and digitizing the screen can cause a really significant distortion of our limbs.
Finally, contrary to what has always been imagined about human evolution, it is brainAccording to research experts, instead of getting older, will shrinkbecause we will no longer make our memory, but that will be replaced by the intellectual performance of the techniques available.