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Moon and Jupiter alignment in December: when and how to see it

Moon and Jupiter alignment in December: when and how to see it

December is full of astrological encounters to watch for: soon it will be the turn of the Qibla between the Moon and Jupiter, a stunning alignment not to be missed

Eyes searching! Month December 2023Thanks to the good weather conditions (so far), this brings a lot of satisfaction to skywatching enthusiasts, who among the stunning winter meteors and mesmerizing stellar conjunctions admire all the wonders that the universe has to offer us. The good news is that the long series of astronomical events is not over yet: waiting for us at the gate, among other offers, is the encounter Between the moon and Jupiter.

Right before Christmas, to be specific December 22In fact, we will be able to see a coupling that gives life to a suggestive luminous kiss, which can be observed quietly, armed with blankets and a thermos filled with hot drinks so as not to suffer too much from the cold. Are you ready to organize your note?

The suggestive kiss between the moon and Jupiter

For those who don’t know, Stellar conjunction It is the phenomenon that occurs when two celestial bodies appear from Earth Same longitude or same ascension. The coordinates of the two space objects, projected onto the celestial sphere, give life to what appears to be a real approach, creating a special and interesting spectacle. Therefore the two stars (in this case the Moon and Jupiter) will appear very close.

Going into details, shortly after sunset on December 22, thanks to the Moon, which will be 79% illuminated, Jupiter will join the Moon in the constellation Aries. Even if the highest point between the two stars in the sky is reached around eight in the evening, the kiss will remain Perfectly visible all night long.

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How do you see the alignment?

Weather conditions permitting, the stellar conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter will be easy to see To the naked eye, without the help of specific tools. However, it should be noted that if you decide to observe the night sky yourself, it is best to choose a place away from light pollution. If it is, in fact, true that Jupiter would be a particularly bright and recognizable point of light, it is also true that a sky changed by city lights risks making the whole phenomenon less noticeable (and suggestive), and preventing many things from being seen. Others are magnificent celestial bodies.

We must also point out that if you want to have a more precise and detailed look, it is a good idea to arm yourself with binoculars or telescopes and, if possible, use applications to follow all the events step by step, although they are not very precise. Visible, happening in real time in the planetarium. . Better yet, it would be a good idea to consult the calendar of events of astronomical observatories in your city, to see if dedicated observations have been organised: thanks to observatories’ tools, in fact, you may also be able to Admire the details of the planetSuch as its distinctive colored bands, and its moons (Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa).

All astronomical events for December

Not only Jupiter: before December 22, it will be possible to witness other particularly evocative astronomical events. Our Moon will also meet Mars (December 12), Mercury (December 14), Saturn (December 17), and Neptune (December 19). That’s not all, because from Sunday 17 to Tuesday 26 December it will be active Ursid meteor showera mesmerizing shower of meteors, which, yes, can make observing different stellar conjunctions even more magical.

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We should not forget the date with the full moon: December 27 will be the turn Cold moon, which will stand out and shine on what will be the longest night of the year. Mark appointments on your calendar, and if you can, don’t miss any of them!