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“Retirement is not enough for me,” Emilio Fede gets every month

“Retirement is not enough for me,” Emilio Fede gets every month

The times when, at the height of his television career, the former journalist, Emilio Fede, lived a lifestyle that many considered excessive, full of luxury, pomp and wild parties in which he participated, light years away with others. My dear friend Silvio Berlusconi.

How much is Emilio Fede’s pension?

He is miserable and hopeless Emilio Fedethe famous former journalist, TV presenter and director of TG1, Studio Aperto and TG4, due to his “miserable” retirement, is not suitable to support his high standard of living.

Throughout his life (or rather, during his thirty years of working in television), Emilio has always had a certain lifestyle (also because he could afford it given his characteristics and origins).

The situation today is very different from the past and Emilio Fede is in it “miserable” pensionhe can no longer maintain his usual lifestyle and this makes him especially sad and unhappy.

Emilio Fede’s bitter confession divided the Italian public between those close to the former TV presenter’s pain and those who felt a deep wound from his words instead.

During his prestigious television career, Emilio has earned amazing amounts of money that has led him to live a life of high-profile spending and spending.

The over ninety-year-old former journalist now takes only a modest sum 8000 euros per month Pensions not enough for the standard of living he has always enjoyed and he never intends to change it: personal chauffeur, house, car, bills and shopping.

The bitter end to a prestigious career

Emilio Fedeat the time of his friendship with Silvio Berlusconi and his career as a TV director, he not only gained impressive numbers, but also had many benefits like all TV personalities of the time.

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He is also remembered by many for the events related to the “Ruby Trial” in which he participated, along with Minetti, Lilli Mora and Silvio Berlusconi, accused of aiding and abetting children into prostitution.

Emilio Fede

Today more than ninety years, Emilio, yet He served a sentence of house arrestlives a normal, retired life, even if he recalls with great nostalgia, pain and bitterness the years of golden partying, luxury and the good life alongside other famous faces in Italian television and politics.

Unfortunately, unlike Silvio Berlusconi who never changed his high standard of living until the end of his days, Emilio does not have much wealth and he just has to settle for a pension (8000 euros per month) that he says is not enough for his level. the living. And the belief that getting a €1,000 monthly pension and retiring is a dream for many Italians.