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"What Happened on the Set Penny, Pierpaolo Spollon and Matilda Giuli"

“What Happened on the Set Penny, Pierpaolo Spollon and Matilda Giuli”

Today, Thursday, February 17, two new episodes of the program “Doc in your hands 2” will be broadcast. The awaited novel did not stop until the week of San Remo, so it will be the ninth and tenth episodes of the night. We are in the final phase of the season, given that the total of episodes produced by Rai as well as for the first season is 16. The series scores very high in terms of engagement and Thursday is a fight. Opposite to another popular TV radio show: Big Brother VIP 6, which has entered its final stage. In addition to the protagonist Luca Argentero, who undoubtedly has a very large number of fans, Pierpaolo Spollon, Matilde Gioli and Alice Arcuri also won the hearts of many viewers of the series. Arcuri gave an interview to ManInTown in which she revealed an unprecedented background to “Life” on the set of DOC In Your Hands.

Alice Arcuri plays Cecilia Tedeschi, an infectious disease specialist, who wants to “steal” elementary work from Andrea Fanti (Luca Argentero). The new Doc 2 actress said that she feels comfortable with and gets along with the cast members even though her role is very strict. About her role, she said: “I love Cecilia Tedeschi’s inner rift.” Obviously, the character who wants to “snatch” the role from the primary can’t be seen very well by the audience and in fact her character has been targeted by unkind comments on the internet. The network now identifies Cecilia Tedeschi as a “blonde viper” and Alice Arcuri smiles as she reads these comments. In fact, in the episodes of Doc-In your hands 2, she’s probably the character the audience most hates.

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Is he really a cold and mean person? Or maybe Tedeschi hides a large internal “rift” that makes it so? Arcuri obviously can’t be too lopsided and limit herself to saying her point: “I like talking about her gestures, I like her inner rift and what’s going on in her head.” According to the Doc 2 actress, it will be interesting to find the light or reveal the darkness of this much discussed character. Cecilia Tedeschi is one of the new entries for Season 2, along with Damiano Cicconi (played by Marco Rossetti) and Eduardo Valenti (Getano Bruno). Then Arcuri changed the subject and talked about the relationship with colleagues. In particular, Mathilde Giuli and beloved Pierpaolo Spollon were the two people Alice Arcuri enjoyed. “They are a breath of life like a group of Mexicans on the field,” the actress said. “In the make-up room it’s impossible not to let the laughs go there too.” The appointment is on TV tonight, Thursday, February 17, to see what happens.

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