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What engine does Lancia have?  A big name in the world of Italian cars participates

What engine does Lancia have? A big name in the world of Italian cars participates

The Lancia brand is looking for a rebirth with the arrival of many new models, but today we will tell you a very strange fact.

there bayonet It is one of the car manufacturers that has marked our history more than any other. actually, The numerous victories obtained in the racing world have shaped his legendwith models such as the Stratos, 037 and Delta Integrale that have won everything in motorsport and rallying, but also the legendary LC2 and Beta Montecarlo, with the livery of the legendary designer Martini Which remained in everyone’s memory.

Lancia –

In the early 1990s, the Italian company closed its racing department, and since then it has no longer participated in any championships. This is a great shame, as the victories achieved by this brand are still in everyone’s hearts. The problem is that production has also suffered a major interruptionEven if it is not overall, it effectively changes the cards on the table.

And so far, in fact, The only model for sale is the YpsilonAlthough it must be said that sales are still excellent. In August, the last of which we have official data, it was the second best-selling car in Italy after Fiat Pandas, which is still a long way off.

there Lancia Ypsilon surpasses Dacia Sandero And try to keep the Fiat 500 at a distance too, and today we’ll tell you about a common curiosity between Epsilon and Torino. We are sure that you will never think of something of this kind when it comes to the topic of engines.

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Lancia, this is what Fiat should do with engines

In 2020, The Lancia Ypsilon was launched in its Mild Hybrid version, which has the same engine as the Fiat 500 and Panda.. The cost of the car at the time was just over 10,000 euros, but prices have clearly risen over the past few years, due to increases in production costs.

Lancia Ypsilon What an engine
Lancia Ypsilon Fiat Engine (ANSA) –

If you’re wondering what kind of engine this is, we’ll tell you about it now. This is the same Panda and the 500 Hybrid has a 1.0 3-cylinder gasoline engine, coupled with a 12V BSG electric motor. The maximum power reaches 70 horsepower, while the electric one produces 5 horsepower.

It only comes into effect at certain stages, and not while the car is driving. actually, They are used to restart and restart the engineThis is through the energy stored by the battery of only 0.13 kWh. Mild Hybrid is obviously a more trivial technology than Full Hybrid or Plug-In Hybrid, and it doesn’t make a difference in terms of emissions.

If you’re wondering why Lancia and Fiat are so close, Everything can be explained by the fact that they are both part of the Stellantis group. In a Dutch multinational holding company, it is natural that there will be similarities of this kind, as also happens with other groups consisting of several brands.