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“The illness has changed my discipline. I have always been physically strong.”

“The illness has changed my discipline. I have always been physically strong.”

He spoke on the YouTube channel Eader Fabbri During episode No. 10 of the program “At the Table with Eyader,” the Inter defender Francesco Acerbi He talks about his diet: “My favorite food? Pasta comes to mind. Because I love it and I always want to eat a lot of it. I would say the first course in general. I also like potatoes, but if I had to choose I would say pasta.” Inzaghi No. 15 responds without hesitation. .

Do you often use jokes in your eating plan?
“Yes, there are a lot. More than I imagined. Sometimes, weeks go by when I have more than one joker a day, and finally in the evening when I have two jokers which are the first course and mashed potatoes or potatoes in general with something protein-based, I find Difficulty finishing a meal, I prefer to eat 500 grams of pasta, and make one joker sometimes I feel very hungry and eat more carbs at the same time and eat two jokers together.

Obviously, you can afford to eat large amounts of carbohydrates because you are constantly training and emptying your reserves.
“I don’t have a snack in the morning because I’m training. Obviously we have nutritionists at Inter who give us drinks or different products, but I use amino acids. There are no amino acids in the ones they give us at Inter, I’m sure of that.” Because what they do is different, I take B vitamins or probiotics in the morning, and when I’m home, I take protein, or fruit, if I’m hungry.

The interesting thing about your path is the rigor and discipline that comes in a time of illness.
“I did everything on my own, I ate well even before with the protein source and rice. I ate less carbs than I did before. Discipline? If alcohol were protein I would be on top (laughs, editor). Illness led to me being a robot, I remember I was eating those things for the first two years, at Christmas the same thing, like bresaola and single foods, and every year I added something, and my body needed it and moreover, even when I was young, I was twice as good as the others in terms of strength, I Muscularly well prepared, to reach this age like this, good intentions alone are not enough.

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You combined talent with the right discipline…
“Mother Nature has given me something more. But injuries are not random. 90% of the time, I am looking for something more in myself. I eat 4-5 times a day. There is already pressure on the field, if there is let’s also add food, it becomes tough.” “

How many athletes in the Italian League follow their diet well?
“Nutrition has improved a lot, and everything has changed a little for the better. Now if you are not healthy you cannot compete, the physical level has increased. I have to give my best to be able to compete. Nutrition and recovery can offer something more in general, You always have to be as good as you can be, nutrition is a key point. “If you’re not accurate, you won’t be able to play the way you want.”

About tattoos…
“We players have superstitions. What I do on the pitch I also do in the locker room. I have a lot of things to say. The lion tattoo? He’s aloof, a little like me. But he’s there, when needed he’s there. He doesn’t do that.” “Never gives up. He is someone who fights when necessary. I love lions, they are my animals.”

Do you practice other sports?
“I’m not good at padel. At the end of the tournament, when I’m on vacation, I always run. I never stop: half an hour, 6-7 kilometers, and I sweat well. Shower, breakfast: another kind that starts the day, you wake up in the morning and run, that’s better.” Something, then I drink a little wine and beer, so if I have a joker and I can take the Amatriciana, I’ll eat it.”

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