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Weather Warnings for Hurricane Uza, Ida: Floods in New York and the Northeast

Weather Warnings for Hurricane Uza, Ida: Floods in New York and the Northeast

New York – Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, A state of emergency was declared following the damage caused Tropical Storm Ida Flooding in New York City and across northeastern America. “I declare a state of emergency tonight to help the people of New York affected by the storm,” Hochul tweeted.

At least one person has drowned following the flooding caused by the tail of a hurricane in New Jersey. The victim, one in his seventies, was in a car with two other people in the northern city of Pasaik, in the northern part of New Jersey, when the car sank. Firefighters rescued the other two people in the car.

Governor Bill Murphy has declared a state of emergency. All train connections are suspended except for Atlantic City.

Use before and after Hurricane Ida: Roads flooded in minutes

CNN reported that New York was flooded and several power lines fell down, resulting in the subway being shut down, people being asked by authorities not to leave their homes and evacuating passengers on the New York City subway network. .

Also, the movement of all vehicles except emergency vehicles was banned until 5 a.m. local time (11 a.m. in Italy). Ida hit the big apple, according to Hochul, who replaced Andrew Cuomo for eight days, as he told CNN after declaring a state of emergency.

It was decided to deal with the situation by stationing troops at night, but the governor said, “This is more than expected: tonight Mother Nature is very angry”.

Even the mayor Bill de Blasio He declared a state of emergency in the city and invited everyone to stay home. Road conditions are “dangerous,” he warned on Twitter. Again: “If you want to get out, do not. Stay out of the subway. Stay out of the streets. Do not drive.”

Usha flies inside Ida: Images from the hurricane’s eye

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