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Salvini by Georgette, Gia and Federica - not in tempo order

Salvini by Georgette, Gia and Federica – not in tempo order

There is no good air within the league after the events escalated in the case of the green pass and the mandatory vaccination. At his press conference he wanted to explain an option that would be considered too moderate by Mario Draghi, Matteo Salvini League or his economic development minister Giancarlo Giergetti: “I try not to cause differences in the parties because if I go into this there are three, four, five, six souls for each party. So, before you decide to ask everything, I assure you that it happened and it’s not pleasant.

There is a republica to reveal the split within Carocio, which explains the two opposite sides: Salvini with Claudio Borgi on the one hand, and the governors of Georgetti and northern Italy, Luca Gia, Atilio Fontana and Massimiliano Federica on the other. The leader of the party that supports the Troika government and the vice-chairman who attended the chamber commission that discussed the green pass on September 1 are opposed to the vaccine duty to fight the Govt, while another leading four-VAX tile, which includes the leaders of the regions, is enough to deal with the crisis and the crisis in Italy. “Priority is out of contagion” as the economy begins to hit again. “Work and ask us to push these vaccines, the only way to get rid of the infection, is nothing else” in the words of a leading scholar. This situation, with a little struggle, a little government, is not guaranteed and the risk of the situation turning into a sensational own goal is to get Fradelli de Italia back: from wanting to please no-wax, it goes straight to the duty of vaccinating everyone.

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