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Weather report. The Middle East plunges into winter. Snow from Lebanon to Amman, cold also reaches Egypt

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Heavy snowfall on the inscriptions of Lebanon (Image source: Lebanon Weather via Twitter)

The constant influx of cold currents coming from the higher latitudes of Asia has caused the Middle East to experience decidedly wintry conditions, due to temperatures that countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman are accustomed to. Last week, snow fell up to 2,400 meters on Jabal Al Shams in the Sultanate of Oman It is located in the Hajar Mountains at an altitude of 3075m above sea level, with the temperature dropping to -3°C at the summit. It wasn’t record cold, but the temperature was still pretty low. On the summit of Jabal al-Shams, the lowest value ever recorded dates back to January 2015 at -9.7°C, while maximum peaks do not exceed 25°C in summer.

Meanwhile, an intense flow of cold northern currents has moved from Eastern Europe to the eastern Mediterranean and reaches countries such as Egypt, Israel and Jordan, as well as northwest Saudi Arabia, with The temperature is equal to 0 degrees Celsius at an altitude of 1500 meters, which will head south of the Nile Delta. It is a cold flow pushing an unstable front responsible for rain and thunderstorms, even strong ones, that hit the coasts of Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean on Wednesday, but also Heavy snow fell on the heights of Lebanon and Syria. The front is followed by an improvement but also a drop in temperatures, to the point that low temperatures in Cairo may drop to 6 degrees Celsius on Friday, and in Jerusalem it reaches 5 degrees Celsius and Amman, 10 degrees Celsius in Beirut, Only 2 degrees Celsius in Damascus.

Weekend, temporary hyperthermia. The wave of cold air will end over the Middle East over the weekend e Temperatures will rise again Return to values ​​more in line with the period. But that will only be a short turnaround from early next week A fairly new air mass will break into the Middle East Which resulted in a sudden drop in temperatures and very unstable weather.

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