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Negative calorie foods. what does that mean? full list


The constant search for an ideal physical shape, but above all for health, leads to testing different diets, some not always balanced. For this reason, it is recommended to consult an expert when you decide that you want to lose a few pounds by avoiding the harmful things that you do on your own.

Having said that, the trend lately is to refer to Negative calorie foodsfoods that, according to a certain chemical reaction activated by the body, take up more calories in processing each time they are eaten, than when they are eaten.

But what exactly are negative calorie foods?

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Celery, apple, papaya, and broccoli: these are just some of the foods that consume more calories in their digestion than those that are saved by eating them.

According to this principle, by eating food, calories are consumed and weight is lost. The statement that some are great and that from a psychological point of view also supports adherence to a low-calorie diet. Usually foods with a negative calorie content are those that contain one Low calorie densityThey contain little fat, little carbohydrates, little protein, but a lot of water: fruits, vegetables, and spices are also among these. It is also rich in fiber and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Negative calorie foods: celery, broccoli, and apples

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There are really many negative calorie foods out there, just link them together and eating and losing weight at the same time will be very easy. The most common are files celerythe cauliflower but also An apple and the papaya.

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Then again BroccoliAnd spinach And zucchini They are ideal for facilitating weight loss. How not to consider the salads that are mixed together stimulate the digestion process and at the same time bring very few calories.

List of negative calorie foods, drinks and condiments:

  • Water
  • the
  • coffee
  • herbal tea
  • celery
  • option
  • cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • cabbage
  • Football
  • red cabbage
  • turnip tops;
  • cabbage
  • radish
  • Watercress salad
  • horseradish
  • mustard
  • hot pepper
  • Pepper
  • bitter cocoa
  • Cocoa beans
  • mushrooms

Finally, the Neurotransmitters such as caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine Contained in tea, coffee, peoeroncino or pepper give a severe shock to the metabolism.

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