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Weather in May: Nothing is impossible, from 40 degrees to late frost with snowfall

When you think of May, Many imagine it as a quiet month from the point of view of the weather: Pictures and paintings with flowering meadows, a blue sky surrounded by some harmless clouds, swallows up in flight. Nothing could be more wrong, as we saw this year with a start filled with thunderstorms, now followed by intense heat.

In May we shouldn’t be surprised by anything

May is the first month of the year in which Maximum peaks of 40°C can be reached in Italy. Let’s see if we can get to them soon. In the first 10 days of May 2015, the mercury column exceeded 40 degrees in some places on the two main islands.

Naturally, these high thermal thresholds can be measured in the south and in very harsh climatic conditions. In general, at the end of the month the heat can become all summer When the new season comes early. This year it happens even earlier.

So sometimes we have to deal with exceptional heat spells, but In May it can snow almost on the plains of Italy. Incredibly, this only happened three years ago, but in the recent and distant past, there have been other unforgettable May winter returns.

A month can take on very different faces

In short, the month is the last of spring, and therefore the door should open for summer. What we mean is quite different from the way it is sometimes represented. It is an extreme period and not a quiet gateway to the summer season.

This is the month in which Thunderstorms can be extremely violent , given the energy involved that sometimes explodes with the collision of different air masses. Very strong sunlight, comparable to July, is an energy source that encourages extreme phenomena.

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So far we have listed different types of bad weather for this month, One therefore wonders why this period of the year has always been portrayed as sweet and peaceful, despite the historical weather report reporting violent weather phenomena.

It may suddenly move us from one end to the other! Now the exceptional heat will see thermometers reach 35/40 degrees. It would not be too surprising if by the end of May there is a cold that makes thermometers below average, making us forget to expect summer.