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A Bari Architect Dreaming of Mars: From the US Desert to Space Stations

A Bari Architect Dreaming of Mars: From the US Desert to Space Stations

Barry – Nobody knows the architect. However, there are scientists who strive to discover the origins and properties of the universe by constantly exploring the corners of the universe. Today, technology allows us to obtain information that was previously impossible to obtain (think only of the recent confirmation of the existence of a black hole in the Milky Way): telescopes, probes and robots have revealed more and more detailed, to stay close to us, even the planets of the system Solar, including Mars. The next goal is to set foot on the red planet. Before getting there, it will take decades of preparation and testing of all kinds (as well as transits on the Moon). Departure, according to expert estimates, can be scheduled for the mid-30s or 40s of the last century. One thing is actually to send a rover as opportunity, curiosity, or perseverance, and another is to send men and women on a journey of 254 million. of kilometers (this is the average distance from the Earth).

a task Certainly, to go to Mars, it will take a spacecraft, and once it arrives, there will also be a station to settle in, a requirement that will already be proposed for an intermediate stay on the Moon, which is preliminary before going to the deeper universe (phase) on our satellite before each Something for the production of fuel that is refueled before the final departure, which will be facilitated by the significant reduction in the necessary thrust thanks to the absence of gravity). Since the design of the interiors of the vehicles and settlements to be built is fundamental, the character of the architect returns, this time in human form, with the all-too-tangible possibility that Bari’s name will remain in the annals of history. Vittorio Nitti33, a graduate of the Flacco Classical High School in Bari, a graduate of architecture in Venice, majoring in aerospace engineering in Padua, a doctoral student at Barry Polytechnic and a researcher at the University of Houston (where he resided for several years), was most recently a mission leader for Space Medicine Operations Occurring from 10 to 23 April in the Utah Desert (Earth’s closest habitat to Mars), a simulation of Mars inside the Mars Desert Research Station (Mdrs) organized, with the sponsorship of the Italian Space Agency, from Mars Planet, the Italian division of the Mars Society, It is an international non-profit organization born in the United States in August 1998 on the initiative of Robert Zubrin, an American mathematician, aerospace engineer and researcher known for his determination in the feasibility of manned Mars exploration.

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