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What do astronauts see when they return from space?  The video is extraordinary

What do astronauts see when they return from space? The video is extraordinary

A film from an amazing perspective, the film of astronauts returning to Earth: explanation and enjoyment

This is what astronauts see when they return from space. Tommaso Niccolò tells us about it in this new video. We all envy astronauts because they can literally fly beyond the clouds (or as Buzz Lightyear says “to infinity and beyond”) while looking down at Earth from afar, and in some cases even from the surface of other “worlds.” Well, we often forget how much danger they face and how much effort they put into their work. Here is the video (subscribe to our channel):

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Earth’s atmosphere

Earth has a rich, homogeneous atmosphere. Scientists have decided to divide it conventionally In 5 layers: The troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. This footage is from NASA video on the International Space Station.

Earth and moon. Credit: NASA

The “sparks” seen by astronauts

The sparks that astronauts see are the result of the enormous amount of heat (about 1650 degrees Celsius) that builds up On the surface of a Soyuz capsule Due to the pressure of atmospheric gases caused during landing (the astronauts are protected from all this heat thanks to a heat shield facing Land During the capsule’s passage through the atmosphere). Soon after, a series of parachutes and landing engines were deployed, slowing the craft before landing on the steppes of Kazakhstan (Regarding the Soyuz spacecraft).

source: NASA, Fox

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