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Election, strike and counter action-Pd. Kalenda: ‘Let’s Get Together and Decide’ – Politics

A meeting between Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta and Action Leader Carlo Calenda is scheduled to take place in the morning.. A meeting will be held tomorrow at 11 o’clock in the assembly. Apart from Leta and Calenda, Benedetto della Vedova will be participating for the Beau Europa.

During the day, the question-and-answer session between the Democratic Party leader and the Action Leader was fast-paced. In the morning, Calenda directly addressed Secretary Dem in a video on Twitter: ‘The answer is ‘no’ – he said – the responsibility for the gap is entirely yours. In the afternoon, the Democratic Party’s response was to continue with “coalitions without a veto.” And the retort: ​​”Their appeal is not an answer”. “I am ready to meet them” – Calenda and Della Vedova – “but without obstacles, no veto and no opposition. It is difficult to discuss with the counter. If we want to talk … well, otherwise it is difficult to argue like this. For my part I have the desire to find an agreement, And I will do everything to ensure that an agreement is reached,” Ankorafa Letta said. “Let’s meet: clear agreements and long friendships. We have a responsibility to negotiate a right-wing alternative”. “In the next few hours we want to build a coalition, I believe, as broad and as coherent as possible to ensure that our country can talk about continuity with virtuous times”.

Calendar video
“If the answer is ‘no’ – meanwhile there will be an answer, and we have been waiting for it for a long time – dear Enrico Letta, the entire responsibility of the break is yours, we will fight openly. A credible government proposal, proportionate, to stop Meloni’s progress,” Action leader Carlo Calenda said in a video on Twitter. . “I want to know – Calenda explains – if the conditions of “Action and More Europe” seem ridiculous or not. To me they seem like the minimum wage, they should not put together a mess full of disparate ideas, completely random and poor. Quality”. Calenda asks Fratoianni not to nominate Fratoianni in single-member constituencies, as “55 times he voted not to trust Draghi”, Bonelli “dislikes the waste-to-energy plant and regasification plants in Rome” and Di Maio “too much”. will change politicians”. “At the same time, we told Leta that we will not stand for divisive personalities – adds Calenda – this is a matter of common sense”. The other thing is: “Can we be based on a common program? Can we get a clear answer on recyclers and waste-to-energy plants? Otherwise there is no longer a Draghi agenda”.

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Appeal of PD
The Democratic Party “appeals to all the political forces with which we have worked to create a field of democratic and civil forces after the resignation of the Draghi government: we continue to build a strong coalition, without mutual vetoes. The pro-European commitment, understood by the administration led by Draghi, and it to consolidate the development for Italy, It can fight inequalities and provide a government that can reliably face the economic, social and environmental emergency and the difficult international situation. This is what was written in the appeal approved at the end of the PT Secretariat. Not to be separated. Today every section represents a gift of the right that Italy cannot buy” , in a text approved at the end of the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party, still extended to the higher management of the organization and the party.

Action E + Europe’s response
“The appeal of the Secretariat of the Democratic Party does not represent an answer to the political issues that we presented yesterday to Secretary Leta. The reference to a coalition after Draghi is not credible, while the agreement with the powers that be is prioritized. Maintained. Always remain in opposition to the Draghi government. Let’s see if there is an answer, what it will be. We are waiting”. This was confirmed by the secretaries of Action e + Europe, Carlo Calenda and Benedetto della Vedova.

Yesterday Calenda tweeted three no’s: no to Fratoianni, no to Bonelli and no to Di Maio. 24 hours, perhaps less, from the announcement of the decision to close the tug on center-left coalitions, Action Leader Enrico Letta had set precise conditions for the Dems. The conditions are so severe that parts of the Nazarene consider them a very difficult obstacle to overcome. “But not impossible”, optimists observe merger parties of both parties (especially + Europe’s side).

Enrico Letta said that so far he has been calm and open to dialogue, but at the same time he is showing the clock to the allies: “We are doing our best to convince everyone who wants to be part of our coalition. We are doing it. No veto, we are not vetoing. We have a less than constructive approach.” , but” time is passing – he warns – now there is some time ahead “. The Dem secretary’s main concern, however, is about the potential political ramifications of Calenda’s decision: “I think I can make a heartfelt appeal to all those who are skeptical about creating an I at this hour – he declared. A large, important and solid coalition can defeat the right. The creation of a preventable third pole.” Those who think it will be convenient or useful. Now the third pole is the best option – he strongly insisted. And to help the right that does not need help”.