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Sony: $7.9 billion lawsuit against PlayStation Store prices to continue

Sony: $7.9 billion lawsuit against PlayStation Store prices to continue

a a reason Sony, which was filed last year, was accused of using its video game platform to overcharge gamers in PlayStation Store. The London Court now has Authorized progress The lawsuit is against the PS5 manufacturer’s objections. If it loses, Sony could have to pay up to $7.9 billion to UK gamers.

The Competition Appeal Court I stood against SonyPointing out that she “failed to prove that [denuncia] He has no reasonable grounds to bring these claims/no real prospect of success at trial.”

The lawsuit, brought by consumer lawyer Alex Neal, will now continue with a hearing between the parties. Let’s point out that Sony is not accused of doing anything unusual, like secretly manipulating prices. What is disputed in the lawsuit is Exactly what all modern platforms do: Applying customs duties and preventing competition. Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, and many other companies that have their own closed platform all do this. The lawsuit claims that by not allowing third parties to sell directly on the PlayStation Store, Sony limits competition and raises prices for gamers.

How did the lawsuit against Sony begin?

The lawsuit began last August and essentially alleges that Anti-competitive practices Sony let it get away with charging a 30% commission on all PlayStation Store sales, instead charging a lower amount and passing the savings on to consumers. Sony tried to dismiss the case, but failed.

A version of these complaints has already surfaced in the United States through Epic’s lawsuit against Apple and Epic’s current lawsuit against Google. Fortnite has accused the App Store and Google Play Store of charging exorbitant fees to anyone who wants to do business on the platforms. On this occasion, Epic Games also admitted that it is ready to sue PlayStation over cross-play in Fortnite.

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