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Nintendo attacks Garry's Mod: it will have to delete 20 years of themed content

Nintendo attacks Garry's Mod: it will have to delete 20 years of themed content

Disreputable lawyers Nintendo They have now raised their goal Maud GarySomewhat surprisingly, the authors hit Facepunch Studios for copyright infringement and claim, in practice, Remove under-themed content Released over 20 years of gaming history.

For those who don't know, Garry's Mod is a game sand It was born as a Half-Life clone and then became practically a standalone title, with a life of its own and impressive support from the community, which over the years has seen it become a massive sandbox.

Among the many contents and various customizations, there are also many Nintendo-themed contents, and Ninja's lawyers have clearly focused on them, demanding their immediate removal and causing some headaches due to the contents associated with the home titles. A lot of Kyoto has come out over the course of about 20 years From the history of the game.

It's strange that it took so long

There was a significant amount of Mario content in Garry's Mod

“Some of you may have noticed that some specific Nintendo-related items in the workshop have been removed recently,” the Facepunch team wrote. “This is not a bug. Removal requests “They came from Nintendo.”

“Honestly, it is right like him. These are the contents that belong to them and what can or cannot be done with them is up to them. “They don't want you to play with these things in Garry's Mod, it's their decision and we should respect it and remove everything we can.”

In fact, there's nothing unusual about the request from Nintendo, whose interest in this area is legendary. We know very well how keen the company is to protect the integrity of the intellectual property of its catalog by all means, so the attack on Garrys' Mod should not come as a surprise.

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However, the fact that this content has remained practically unscathed from 2006 until today makes Nintendo's action somewhat surprising, which has apparently only now become aware of the presence of these items in Garry's Mod.