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"We were in Barcelona and..." - Libero Quotidiano

“We were in Barcelona and…” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

“He is famous in Europe as a singer”: this time Fiorello Reveal backstory a Rai2 live. And it’s news right away. At the scheduled times every day, Fiore returns to television with his newsstand: a program that the public loves so much. They arrived in today’s episode Carlo Conti, Antonino and Naomi. “Do you remember that time in Barcelona? We entered the club, a DJ was playing music and it was me. I thought it was your joke but no, ”reveals Carlo Conte. And Fiorello replies: “That is, he is famous in Europe as a singer.”

There is no shortage of jokes and gags. to me Rai2 live, live from Via Asiago, the conductor presses the gas pedal and unleashes all his empathy. Fiorello is an absolute hero. His every word turns into an offer. Even when he’s talking about Honorable La Russa, therefore, he’s talking about the 40 days of military service proposed by the President of the Senate. Fiorello asks Carlo if he wants to do it and he says, “I took a leave of absence as a sergeant so I became a corporal”. you are kidding. We laugh. “Sergeant Conti”, Rai2 hostess jokes. Conte then jokingly told him, “Respect your boss.”

During the program, which Fiorello conducted with Fabrizio Biggio and Mauro Casciari, the news of the day was commented on with irony. Plenty of space for current events and cool guests. There was also the Mayor of Rome, Robert Gualtieri, who appeared on Asiago Road by playing guitar. The format works and convinces the audience. Last week’s ratings were up 15%. And in Viale Mazzini, Rai2’s top management rejoices.

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