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Does Disney underestimate Satanism?

Does Disney underestimate Satanism?

Prudence is the greatest virtue in social life, though it is certainly not the only one. And sometimes it must be admitted that some advocates of life, family, morals and good taste are critical in sifting through everything that is published, especially when it comes to children.

As it happens, for example, with Disney content that – unfortunately – Over the years we have become accustomed not only to content that is questionable in terms of sexuality, but also imbued with subliminal messages. Therefore, the entertainment giant’s cartoons and TV series are always subject to the lens of morality and ethics. Sometimes even with opposite consequences, i.e. making each content relativ to the point of downplaying it and giving little importance to any gory details or details that don’t really suit the little ones.

In this regard, there are those who – Like many “anti-phishing” and fact-checking sites – he went further, wanting if not at least denying the credit for the seriousness of the last episode, which took place in an animated television series online on Disney + a few days ago.

We are talking about the indecent writing “We love you Satan” formed by banners held in the hands of some children in the third episode of the series.New Santa Claus wanted. Contrary to what the “anti-hoax” sites mention, which use the conditional and talk above all about the “sentence out of context”, unfortunately The sentence does exist, appears and has been filmed and reproduced by various websites, of different directions.

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“The alert — again according to the site in question — was triggered on Facebook by a profile who posted a very short video showing the offending scene.” As if to say that they will be social voices without seriousness Control and “cut” video clip.

Now, where does the truth lie? in the middle. This is the sentence, inside that string, And some kids already keep it Who definitely ignore the fallout from some jokes in bad taste. It is also true that they last a few seconds and that “Santa Claus points to them by mistake and immediately corrects the text in”.We love you Santa “». Meaning Santa Claus, exactly Santa Claus, as if the children had misspelled the sentence.

So, according to anti hoaxes, the problem is solved. And the Controversies, understandably launched on the webwould be the result of “useless intimidation”, as it would be an “innocent scene in which Santa Claus puts letters back into order”.

But here the enemies of deceit are the ones who fall into contradiction. It is one thing to report a hoax, fake news, lie or rather a fact that does not exist. It is one thing to criticize a legitimate interpretation given by people.

If the site in question is not dangerous for children, even for a few seconds, these letters form The phrase “We love you Satan”.Other Disney users may be shocked instead. Also because we are facing a kind of underestimation of Satanism and precisely in the United States, the home of Disney, there is a religion, The Satanic Temple, that operates in sunlight, converts, and has declared some time ago that abortion constitutes for its members a kind of “sacrament”.

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So let us not fall into vulgar Manichaeism in which everything must be criticized, nor into relativism in which any sentence or idea, whether said for fun or as a joke, must be automatically accepted.