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Warm enough!  The African summer is about to end, and now there is a DATE of a definite turning point!

Warm enough! The African summer is about to end, and now there is a DATE of a definite turning point!

Is the fall chill coming? Now there’s a date!

We are now entering the last ten days of September and despite this it still feels like July or August in some parts of Italy.
Hence, abnormal heat. On the horizon, however, we see a major shift in the general circulation; In short, there is a DATE for the end of this hot off-season.

In fact, in the last few hours, Autumn is already doing everything it can to conquer the Mediterranean basin, but it has to deal with a stubborn African high pressure that really does not want to retreat towards the latitudes more suitable for its origin. This is why Italy is essentially split in two, with the north and part of the center already reporting the first disturbances from the low transient Atlantic flow at the beginning of the week, while the south is still fully in the grip of high pressure. And in a full summer environment, heat values ​​will also peak 37/38°C Sicily, Puglia and the Ionian lie inland along the Lucanian coast. In short, we are talking about exceptional heat values ​​rather than climatic standards of climate.

But what happens then? Next days And above all, what is the end date for this extraordinary situation?
up to Friday the 22nd, although there will be ups and downs in weather and temperature extremes, there will be no real breakthrough. But it only takes a few hours week end So togetherAutumn EquinoxThe arrival of even colder air masses is expected to cover the entire country from north to south this time.
See the diagram below Maximum temperature is planned Sunday 24 September: Note how the prevailing color isOrangeto indicate The temperature is close to 20°C. All things considered, therefore, the weekend will be free from the grip of heat with temperature differences across Italy. 10/15°C lower Compared to last few days.

Maximum temperature forecast for Sunday, September 24
Be careful though! Next week, a new and sudden increase in pressure may bring a few more surprises, especially for our mid-northern regions, but the African summer will not return anyway!
But we will talk about it again in our next updates.

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