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Empire Builder and California Zephyr are two itineraries to experience America by train

Empire Builder and California Zephyr are two itineraries to experience America by train

The America They are places that offer different experiences across the region. From historic cities, open and unpolluted places, to natural beauties, on the trails of the past, travel to discover the beauty of the country. Train is a perfect mode of transportation Eco-sustainable for this adventure that crosses the entire United States.

America by train

Visit America proposes Four itineraries across the country Starting from Chicago or New York, the two historic train hubs will take you north to south and east to west and beyond to explore the destination’s most beautiful locations.

Here are two of the four planned itineraries. One Empire Builder: Starting from Chicago, it traverses the Midwest and the Rocky Mountains, past places like Fargo, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and Glacier National Park, and ends on the Pacific coast in Seattle or Portland.
Another one California Zephyr: From Chicago to the California coast, 35 stops along the way, through breathtaking scenery.

Empire Builder

Exploring America togetherEmpire Builder It is an extraordinary adventure traveling across breathtaking landscapes towards the Pacific coast. with 45 stops along the wayThe journey offers an experience that ends Seattle In Washington State or Portland Allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the landscape and cultural diversity of Oregon and the United States.

As the train moves forward, the tall skies of big cities like Chicago e Minneapolis Engaging visitors until they pass out Midwestern grasslands, offers suggestive scenarios. The westward journey takes you to the majestic mountain range Rocky MountainsLooking forward to the visit National Parks, the focal point of experience. The possibilities for stopping and exploring destinations are endless: from the lively university town Go aheadNorth Dakota, with its historic theaters and modern art museums, is full of homages to the cultural roots of the first Europeans to colonize the region, as far west as the state.

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The journey continues through the forests Theodore Roosevelt National Park In North Dakota Then inside MontanaThere is primitive beauty Glacier National Park It awaits visitors with its historical excursions and outdoor adventures. Crossing the Montana landscape, you arrive at the picturesque town St. Point, surrounded by mountains and forests, immerse yourself in the area’s wild nature or enjoy the urban adventure of Seattle or Portland before ending the trip on the Pacific coast. Whether you decide to explore majestic mountains or bustling urban centers, Empire Builder offers an unparalleled travel experience, full of discovery and adventure.

California Zephyr

He deals with it California Zephyr in part Chicago And the wind blows up the beaches San FranciscoPrecisely the Emeryville. With nearly 4000 kilometers of track and 35 stops, this railway is a true symbol of American history, renowned for its beauty. Crossing the fields and majesty of the great Midwest Mississippi RiverThe journey continues Rocky Mountainsoffers travelers breathtaking views like Colorado Canyon and peaks Sierra Nevada.

Celebrated since the 1950s, the historic charm of the California Zephyr Trail remains intact while retaining its original character. Stops along the route offer unique opportunities for exploration and adventure. In ColoradoFor example, every stop is an invitation to unforgettable experiences. DenverGreets the train at dawn, offering a vibrant city full of art museums, while nearby attractions Rocky Mountain National Park e Colorado Springs They are easily accessible for day trips.

Winter parkA beautiful mountain village, it offers experiences in summer and winter, with a variety of outdoor activities like trekking, mountain biking and rafting. Grand JunctionIts west is the museum and nearby Colorado National MonumentAnother inevitable stop on the way.

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Continued inUtahSignificant positions such as Salt Lake City, with its large Mormon temple, immerse yourself in the state’s history and culture. l’Antelope Island, with its wildlife and its scenery, is a stopover that allows the experience of interacting with unpolluted nature. The journey continues NevadaWith interesting positions like RenoFamous for its casinos and famous music festival burning man In the desert Black rock.

Finally, you reach the beach Californiawith stages a Sacramento Finally Emeryville, just a stone’s throw from the beating heart of San Francisco. From mountain charm to vibrant cities, natural wonders to urban culture, sailing aboard California Zephyr offers an experience through some of the most beautiful and captivating landscapes in America.

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Next week we’ll cover two other rail travel plans for discovering the country.

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