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De Mayo blamed M5S leaders, but did not expel – political

Luigi de Mayo The movement ends up in the cross-chair of the National Council for its harsh criticism of Ukraine not wanting new weapons. But at present there is no mention of his expulsion. Chairman, Giuseppe ConteThe meeting, which was called urgently to discuss what happened, is said to have been held Very sorry From the words used by the leader of Furnessina about his own political power. And, in the end, he will have to mediate between the hard divisions of the M5s, according to which the foreign minister will step down from his look and now have other plans and split healers.

On Four-hour night meeting – In a somewhat present, somewhat video conference – line of the resolution to be voted on in the Senate on Tuesday, with the 14 members of the Council, together with the communications of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, before leaving for Brussels. Confirmed again: The movement will continue Mediation With the remaining majority in the joint resolution, it reaffirms the centrality of parliament, but without creating problems. So, there is no mention of weapons, but a military expansion and the centerpiece of parliament.

“The Euro-Atlantic Line was never questioned”, a draft drawn up by some Pentecostal senators calling for a ceasefire in Kiev, “never shared”, underscoring one of the summit participants. It was this document, once put into circulation, that sparked the conflict. De Mayo commented very strongly that “this is misleading us from the alliance between NATO and the EU” and “if we mislead ourselves from NATO we will endanger the security of Italy”. Condiani was outraged, especially by Ricardo Ricardi, the movement’s vice president, who defined “a foreign body” in anticipation of action. Thus, the hypothesis of the foreign minister’s expulsion (or self-expulsion) spread throughout the day. No step back for its part. Even the National Council – which in no case could have technically done so – do not want to follow this path. At least for now. The final note of the meeting should be published in the morning. This conflict only appears to be waiting for the country to erupt in a less subtle moment.

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