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Pho’s Radio Roy reviews suspended no-vox doctor’s call

Pho’s Radio Roy reviews suspended no-vox doctor’s call

Another (radio) episode causing debate. After the General’s pardon Roberto Vannacci (linked yesterday), the attack on the press and the abuse of negative expression, now a new controversy is affecting the broadcasting of Rai Radio Uno Remove the mask Off Marcello FovaConsidered a pioneer of new pro league programming.

Just a guest Massimo Citro della RivaDoctor suspended by medical association, invited to speak against Covid and vaccines, author of book bigotryThe No Covid Bible (with a foreword by a psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi, formerly Forza Italia), entered the rankings among the best sellers. “By vaccinating, we introduce a dangerous poison into the body without the slightest reduction, which actually produces all the damage we see: it’s useless to pretend it isn’t. It’s useless because it’s not a vaccine,” says the doctor. “Certainly,” replies Foa. Not only have they observed it – continues Massimo Citro della Riva – but they have strengthened it, and made it more dangerous. It’s a disaster, it’s a desire to do harm: that’s clear.” “Dangerous” statements for Roy, who isolates himself and distances himself.


Years after the pandemic and at a time when the Covid infection curve is on the rise, the words provoke reactions. “I wonder what the idea of ​​public service is when Massimo Citro Della Riva, suspended by the medical association, to talk about Covid, to talk about the gunfire on vaccines – the question, in a post Filippo Sensi, Democratic Senator – I wonder what they’re doing with Roy, being responsible to listeners. Shame”. The national secretary of the Italian Left also intervenes, Nicola Fratoianni, Member of Parliament for the Green Left Alliance: “Here we go again, the new radio broadcast of the season of occupation by the right-wing company has crossed all limits: now they are talking about Covid from a doctor suspended by the medical association that starts. Italians with the message that vaccines are dangerous. Is it a public service? “It is not enough for the company to distance itself: the program and the host cannot continue to damage the credibility of our country’s main cultural reality,” commented Fratoyani.

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Committee Chair of the Senate’s Green and Left Alliance Pepe de CristobaroChairman, Misto Group of Palazzo Madama, member of the Rai Supervisory Board, “Company and Director Rai K.R. Pioneers They should pay more attention to the invited guests on the air, instead of shunning the words of the no-vox doctor. We’re waiting for Fo to sort himself out.”

Ivan Scalfarottothe senator from Italia Viva commented in a tweet: “Today voiced by Roy radio, the well-known denialist doctor Massimo Citro della Riva, duly suspended from his professional association, was able to thank the hospitality of Marcello Fova. I publish his conspiracy and anti-scientific theories. Patience “Not only is it unacceptable, but it is spreading false information on the topic of health, which is dangerous. Another bad effect of this right in government.”

Democrats: “What public service is this?”

Democratic members of the Roy Oversight Commission also attacked. “This gentleman, a conspiracy theorist and vaccine denier, said he didn’t want to ‘go GMO’ and was interviewed for fifteen minutes on Marcello Fova’s ‘Down with the Mask’ program on Roy Radio1. At such a delicate moment in the fight against Covid, the number of infections and victims With data that is again alarming in numbers, should not the public information service have a duty to focus on science in providing the most accurate and useful information to the citizens of Italians? “, ask the Dems.

Roy separates himself

Roy clearly dissociates himself from doctor’s reports, especially those related to treatments that are not guaranteed for Covid patients and the efficacy and risks of new vaccines. “These are serious statements that may cause confusion in public opinion and are misleading in relation to the duty of protection of citizens’ health”, reads the note from Viale Mazzini.

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