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Swedish Tourist Dies Between Sisto and Garibaldi Bridges on the Tiber Quai in Rome: He Was Drunk

Swedish Tourist Dies Between Sisto and Garibaldi Bridges on the Tiber Quai in Rome: He Was Drunk

sadness Roma. And tourism The 29-year-old Swede later died Precipitation From a height of about 15 meters Tiber River Between Sisto Bridge and Garibaldi Bridge. Investigations are underway to reconstruct what happened and who the man may be Drunk.

Swedish tourist dies in Rome

The tragedy occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, May 15 Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio A Roma, a Trastevere. According to reports AdnkronosA Swedish boy 29 years old He died after his stay fell off the wall It runs on a circular path in the canal next.

Some passers-by noticed the man’s body on the platform and called 112 to raise the alarm.

The man fell on the Lungotevere Sanzio between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Garibaldi.

It crashed into the Tiber Quay and fell 15 meters

He intervened on the site together with the medical staff of the Carabinieri 118 of Trastevere.

Nothing could be done until the tourist arrived, and he died after doing so A flight of about 15 meters.

The Carabinieri carried out the necessary investigations on the cycle path and opened an investigation Investigations To reconstruct what happened. It will be placed in the human body Postmortem.

Caught on camera, he was drunk

The soldiers watched the films Surveillance cameras They are situated on the Tiber The 29-year-old started again At the time of fall.

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Reported by Corriere della SeraYou can see the man from the videos He walks wobbly On the sidewalk, you know Drunk. At a certain point Leans on the parapetHe loses his balance and falls down.

Investigators are trying to reconstruct what the Swedish tourist did on Tuesday evening and whether he was with others.

Photo credit: ANSA