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The walking drop, l’iniziativa Flowe per risparmiare passeggiando

Walking Drop, Flowe initiative to save money while walking

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not only good for the body and mind, but also for finances. in partnership with Adidas Flowe, the beneficiary of Mediolanum Banking Group, has launched a new campaign, The Walking Drop., which aims to enhance the physical movement between its old and new users, and to link the physical challenge with the economic incentive. The initiative will be active From July 10 to August 31.

Users are asked to open a savings projection (Virtual piggy bank helps you achieve your goals) And allocate at least 50 euros by activating the steps of saving mode وضع, a feature recently implemented in the Flowe app. The three-dimensional goal: personal psychosomatic well-being, economic-financial well-being and, last but not least, environmental well-being.

The campaign is witnessing the participation of many talents, including digital creators who are known among their youngest: explorer and forager Valeria Margherita Mosca; Actress, Yoga Educator, Health Coach, and Writer Margot Cicapone; Emotional adventures The Happiness Project; mountain lover and 2021 Cortina ambassador Klaus; Athletes and car enthusiasts Andrea Pirello and Martina Domenicali. Talents, under the motto “Saving a Picnic”, will participate in hiking challenges that will take place in the mountains, alone or in pairs, covering kilometers in the Matterhorn, Montessola and Val Malinco.and invite their followers to set goals themselves. Users will be able to follow the adventures of their favorite talents by adjusting their Instagram profiles.

Flowe will launch itself group challenges, setting great goals to achieve as a community that would add to the steps taken by all participants: 2 million, equal to the length of the Giro d’Italia, 13 million, equal to the Silk Road, or 70 million, in a world tour. The more kilometers traveled, the more trees will be planted. Every 1,000 steps a talent takes, Floy will plant a tree in Guatemala, in the Petén region where he has reforested for some time.

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For all users who unlock and complete the savings, drop by the steps function (Minimum €50 minimum) Alternatively, there is a 25% discount from adidas on available products on

“At Flowe, we believe in a holistic view of reality – explain Ivan Mazzolini, CEO of Flowe. Psychophysical well-being is linked to economic and financial sustainability, because being good and doing good for us and our community are closely intertwined from this conviction. The campaign and collaboration with adidas was born, a brand synonymous with sport and sustainability and we are sure they share our commitment to health education and physical mobility for younger generations.”.

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